Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/24/14 Week 1

Here is Joseph's email from the MTC:

Hey mom, dad, and family!

It's been ridiculous! Everyone says "Welcome to the MTC!" way too much on your first day, and today we can say it now. HA! We have gym time every day and my companion Elder Searle, is like a baller at volleyball, so that's all we do. It's so great because classes and things are so stressful, we all go absolutely crazy and can't focus. Elder green is this short Canadian elder who is absolutely hilarious! Elder Searle is my tall companion here at the MTC from Arizona.The other elder in my room is named Elder Lohman and he's pretty cool too. I'm so glad i got these guys in my room because i love all of them and their sense of humor, which is so important to me as you know :p Elder green literally says "eh" after a bunch of sentences like a true canadian! He is so funny and we always talk in a british, sometimes australian accent!

the things we do here are crazy though. We do these role plays we call "real plays" because we teach an "investigator" that is really our teacher acting as the investigator. But it is one of the investigators that our teacher taught on his mission! We teach this same fake investigator like 8 times while we are at the MTC. It's so scary and hard and me and Elder Searle don't know quite what to teach him. His "name" is justin, and he's supposed to be a quiet 18 year old about to go to the marines who was born catholic but doesn,t know anything really about God, like that he can pray to him. So we tryed the first couple times to teach him about the doctrine of us being God's children and the doctrine of christ, which is literally everything we focus on here. Our purpose as missionaries is to "invite others to come unto Christ, by faith in jesus christ and his Atonment, repentance, baptism, recieving the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end." We were supposed to memorize that and I did! whenever we are in class it focuses on that. It's really amazing how much we really are just to one, rely on the lord, and , two, love our investigators! Love them as Christ loves them and wants them to come unto him. We are also teaching this lady Melissa who I think is acting as an investigator too, and she has 3 pet ducks! pretty weird i think. and she couldn't stop talking! We only got to teach a little, so we need to try to focus her on why we are there, to teach her! Anyways, the MTC is so cool and we heard from M. Russell Ballard last night, and then after bore testimonies and such. Elder Searle, my companion, seriously made me cry with his testimony. It was so good. I love being here and really feel like i'm learning so much about teaching with the spirit. We pray so much and one of my goals is too try to pray every morning and night, which I have trouble with, and also pray with my companion and on my own whenever i feel the need. Here we have so much work, we really can't do anything without our lord's help.

We also have 4 sister missionaries in our little district, named sister triana, sister carter, sister walton, and sister aguilar. (not aguilara) Anyways, they try to whip us into shape a little when our stress gets the best of us and we start to laugh at everything imaginable in the universe. Sometimes we just explode and go crazy! And we all are having trouble talking constantly in british accents that we are afraid we can't stop. But we figured that might be cool anyways for our mission, because people like accents ;p 

Thank you all for the emails and Im running out of time! but I love you guys and maybe will be homsick someday ;p haha See you all! 

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