Friday, October 17, 2014

10/13/14 "I was praying for you to come over ..."

Hey family and friends,

So first, Happy Birthday Mother! Haha can't forget that! Just like
when I introduced myself at the pulpit yesterday in church I
completely forgot to say where I was from! But people figured it out.
One guy said he doesn't think they've ever had a missionary from
Florida, so I'm pretty amazing basically.

Turns out we can't even see Meet The Mormons! Probably we just can't
be in a movie theater, which is understandable. I hope they let us
watch it at zone conference or something haha. We hope people will be
nicer to us because of it!

So I guess I'm just going to blabber on a little bit. As I'm out here
I'm realizing, oh, I'm going to be here for two years! It's weird, but
at the same time it feels so different from real life it's not that
bad. Also being so close to God every day makes everything easier.

So it turns out that people in California are jerks. Haha my companion
always says people in Idaho are way nicer. We went service tracting
and this lady, after we offered her free service, says, "there's no
such thing as free!" And we're like, um ok. Sometimes I don't know why
people are so grumpy. One guy was saying, "did you see my no
soliciting sign?" And Elder Roper is like we aren't selling anything.
Then he says were selling a belief system. Whatever sir! Haha

I also just have to say, there is not many things I am more afraid of
than street contacting. I would rather go bungee jumping off the
biggest cliff in the world than start talking to a random person on
the street! It's really bad haha. Elder Roper told me he hates it too,
but he prays for the lord to open his mouth, and he's doing fine now.
And he also told me I know a lot more than he did at my point in my
mission. Sometimes I don't give myself enough credit. But that's what
we constantly try to do, is have faith that the lord can open our
mouth. It might take awhile, but I know with his help it is possible.

So besides all this not positive stuff, a really cool thing happened
yesterday. We had only knocked on maybe four doors when the next door,
the lady opened the door, and said, "no way! I was praying for you
guys to come over! Come in! My name is Sister Montgomery." We're
like.... Uhhhh what?? Haha not what you expect at a door as a
missionary. It turns out she's here from Seattle because of her
father's passing, and she was there with her nephews who are agnostic.
She sent them a picture of us and said, look! I prayed and they came!
Haha it was nuts. We're going to go back Tuesday to help her a little
bit. Elder roper said in his 16 months that has never happened to him.
And for planning last week we both just decided to tract that street
at that time yesterday. Just thought that was a good confirmation that
even though we aren't really teaching anyone and it feels like we
aren't doing anything, we aren't forgotten.

So I want to bear my testimony that prayer works! If we can exercise
enough faith to just pray a little, it can make all the difference. I
know that if we keep trying, we will have success. "Bear with patience
all thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success." (Alma 26:27)

I love all you guys and I'll send pictures and a pretty hilarious video maybe :)

Elder Janson

We saw this guy at a member's house.

Another biking picture ... (and he his catching up to his companion with practice :)

That frog was one of our investigators that we taught a whole lesson to. haha

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