Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10/6/14 First Real Week (according to Elder Janson)

Hello Family!

So I'm sending this to like everyone that has emailed me, I don't know
if that's how we wanna do it, but that's how I am doing so you guys
gotta deal with it I guess :)

So, everybody! It's actually surprisingly hot here during the day. Not
as hot as Florida, but hot enough that riding a bike at 3 pm isn't
that exciting. On the other hand, riding our bike at 7 pm
 is WONDERFUL. It goes from like 50 degrees in the morning to 90 in the
middle of the day. Kind of weird. I actually need a blanket at night.

The four Elders in my apartment are my trainer, Elder Roper, then
Elder Sutterfield and Elder Wilkes. Elder Roper is from Idaho,
Sutterfield from the exotic Springville, Utah, and Elder Wilkes from
the great Newcastle, Wyoming. I feel pretty special haha. It was funny
on the transfer day, all the missionary were in the mission home (just
part of a church building) and all the greenies stood up and said
where the were from etc. People many people cheered for Utah, Texas,
and Arizona. Not so many for the famous Gainesville, Florida. They
just don't understand I guess. That first night after flying to
California we stayed in a nice hotel just with our same room
arrangements from the MTC.  Apparently that was supposed to be our last
good nights sleep for 2 years, but I've slept fine in our bunk beds in
our tiny apartment. I'm blessed to be able to sleep no matter where I

The next morning, we woke up, went to the mission home, and sat and
waited with the trainers for the President Alba to go choose our
trainers. I never knew this would be so suspenseful. Of course me and
my MTC buddies were trying to guess our trainers. None of us were
right of course.

We haven't even done that much actual missionary work, because we've
had multiple meetings, transfer firesides, zone meeting, weekly
planning, and so on. General conference takes all day too. So tomorrow
I'm actually gonna have to get down to business. We've had a couple
crazy people talk to us on the street, but that's about it. One drunk
guy talked to us for 30 minutes, no exaggeration.

When I first got here I was kind of sad and felt discouraged, but I
think I will get used to it. It's just kind of a shock all of the
sudden being here. It almost came too fast, and the MTC doesn't
prepare you to do much but be around a bunch of missionaries. I'm
trying to remember to pray and seek the spirit in what we do, because
that is the important thing.

I just want to say I'm glad to be out here, and I know it's what I
need to be doing right now. It still feels weird, but I know the
church is true and I know why we share it, as Elder Bednar explained
so well by his hilarious story. In the MTC we watched a past fireside
he had done where he compares missionary impatience with the Cookie
Monster. Like he says, "I want cookie now!" Some of us may say, "I
want baptism now!" I've never seen Elder Bednar so bold, as he said,
"it's not about you! Nobody cares about you!" Like literally that's
what he said! Me and my MTC district loved it.

I'll send some random pictures of the guys in my apartment that I'm
sure you will appreciate.

I know this church his true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.
I hope I can help those who are in need of this gospel, and let them
see what it can do for them. Thank you everyone for caring about me
and don't be afraid to send stuff to that address above. ;p I would
greatly appreciate it!

I love all of you and your support, and keep emailing me!

Love Elder Janson

Sister and Elders from Joseph's MTC District.   That's Sister Eyden who is so happy, along with the short Canadian Elder Green and My MTC companion Elder Searle who always falls asleep

Yes that's a Lamborghini in front of our hotel the first night. 

That's me biking :) 

Elder Wilkes is the big guy

Elder Sutterfield is the little guy stuffing his face with a hoody

Elder Roper is staring at me creepily on the chair. He's my amazing trainer haha

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