Monday, December 22, 2014

12/15/14 Second Transfer Already Done!

Family and people,

Haha all you people. Anyways, we had a short transfer of 5 weeks
because of Christmas, and I can't believe I'm almost done with 3
months. It's unreal. That also means I have less study in the morning,
because I don't have to do "12 week" which is greenie study basically.
We got to watch all of the district videos, which show missionaries in
Southern California. We use those DVDs as training for us, but the
last week of 12 week is great because you just watch the whole videos.
It's great!

It turns out, our whole zone is barely changing. Only one elder got
transferred to Vacaville. Me and Elder Reeder are staying here, and we
get to keep our car! I am so grateful for that, because it's nasty and
rainy everyday! We are lucky. So we will be here until at least
February. It's crazy! I'm stuck here in Santa Rosa, Peterson lane

So this week I will report on all the dumb things Elder Reeder has
done. It has been hilarious. We were putting on music in the car,
Circle of Life by Motab of course, and we didn't realize the volume
was WAY too high. If you know that song, there is no buildup. It just
starts with yelling. And he put the song on when I'm driving, and I
about jumped out of my seat when the guy starts yelling! Hahaha

Then we go to see a potential investigator. His name is Tony S.
But apparently Elder Reeder thought this guy was Steve V,
another investigator we were trying to meet. So of course he asks if
Steve is there. I about crack up, and I'm like, "umm, we are
also looking for Tony." The lady is like, "oh! Tony lives here."
Hahahaha I was making fun of him so much after that. Not only that,
but we go to see this teenage girl named Carla who said come back. She
lives on Tijuana court. So he goes to the door. "Is Juana here?" She
looks confused and is like, what? I just quickly say, "I think he
means Carla!" Hahaha she's like, "oh that's me!" Oh my gosh I was
losing it after that. He was pretty embarrassed.

We had sushi for dinner from the Wentzels, a less active couple. It
was sweet!!! Now I can say I've made sushi, and it was legit. I'll
send some pictures of that.

We found a family this week! Amy and Andrew have three kids, and they
were so willing to listen to us. They soaked in the restoration, and
it was something that doesn't happen a lot! We hope they can come to
church, because they couldn't make it yesterday. It was such a solid
lesson! We have been doing great with finding new investigators.

On exchanges this week, Elder Despain, our district leader, came with
me. We went to see a less active who is struggling with the word of
wisdom. He had quit smoking the week before, and hadn't relapsed at
all! It was crazy how much faith this guy showed. He doesn't come to
church much, sometimes because he has mental and emotional problems.
But let me tell you, this guy knows the Book Of Mormon and Bible,
probably better than us! We both went in that lesson with one plan. As
the lesson went on, we gradually both just switched the lesson,
without telling each other, or making any sign we were changing. We
just felt that we needed to talk about the sacrament. It was amazing
how the spirit was bearing witness of what we said. Half of what I
said I don't really remember. I am convinced we were both speaking
purely from the Holy Ghost. Elder Despain was almost crying, and I
about did. Greg, the less active, could definitely feel the spirit. We
showed the mormon message, "Hope of Gods Light" and it has the most
amazing message, that sometimes the light of Christ is only evident to
us once we do an act of faith. The spirit was incredible. Elder
Despain said after, that he has never felt the spirit so strongly
ever. Period. I totally agree. It was almost tangible. I am so
grateful for the spirit and the effect it can have on us teaching, and
those learning.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you mom for the
Christmas package! I'll have to send you all a picture of our
"Christmas tree." It's a sad, sad thing. Hahaha

I just want to testify that the more I learn of Christ and read the 4
gospels and watch the bible videos the church puts out, the more I see
how much the atonement means. Christmas is the best time to remember
how Christ suffered in gethsemane, and the magnitude of that. It is
incredible, and Christ is the only one who could do it. I love
learning of him and teaching others of him. Nothing is more true than
the fact that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world.

I love you all! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Elder Janson

Christmas in a missionary apartment ....

Sushi dinner at the Wentzel's!

Elder Janson has a new skill in the kitchen.

Random picture of Elder Green on Preparation Day (P-Day)

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