Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/22/14 Christmas is coming!

Hey people!

It's been a totally sweet week! So first of all, I've gotten a bunch
of packages I didn't expect, and I have so much candy!!! Thank you
everyone that sent packages because it makes our day to get something.
We get excited about little things out here. It's crazy living on
your own because food/candy doesn't just disappear! I have to eat it!
Haha it's something I not used to in a big family. But anyways, we had
our heater fixed finally! So now when I get up in the morning, our
apartment is not 58 degrees when I get up in the morning and freeze
after getting out of the shower. Another thing I want to bring up,
is what is the gas price in Florida or the rest of the country??
Because it feels like it's 1950 or something! Our gas is $2.65! Like
what is that!?

We had our mission Christmas party and devotional last Wednesday. It
was pretty sweet, and I sang up in front of people from my own choice,
just so you know! Sister Alba was asking who wants to sing a couple
weeks ago and I volunteered. I know it doesn't sound like me, but I'm
realizing now I really like singing and I'm dumb cause I never did
before. But whatever. So I sang Hark the Herald Angels sing with like
8 other missionaries for the devotional. It was pretty sweet. It was
crazy having every missionary in our mission in one chapel. It's like
the spirit will take over the world! We also did skits as a zone, and
ours was about how we incorporate "Santa Rosa Shape Up" (mandatory
exercise in the morning) into everything we do. Of course, they had me
pretend I was running all day when contacting, and ran after a guy
talking about the word of wisdom. It's funny because I haven't even
gotten up and ran in the morning for 3 months to be completely honest.
We usually just get up and walk and I do push-ups or something. I know
it's so sad, but I have no motivation to run!

Thank you mom for the surprise present at the Christmas party! I
thought I wouldn't get one cause I already had a bunch at the
apartment, but sure enough, they called my name! I'll open it on
Christmas along with the other presents I have. I know it's you mom
because of your unmistakable flawless handwriting.

So we went to see random less actives the other day. He is a less
active who married a Catholic. They both were super hospitable and
invited us in out of the rain. They obviously love missionaries, but
there's always a catch haha. Elder Reeder asked if we could share the
Christmas video "He is the Gift." She immediately said "NO" like
repeatedly, and he also was negative. We both were super surprised and
it threw us off for a second. Most people like watching a video, even
if it is religious. We've had atheists watch that! Anyways, as we were
walking out, she said loudly and with deliberation, says "Happy
Holidays!" She drew out the Holidays as if implying something. We just
said by, and we were laughing about why a catholic would say something
like that. We were driving and talking, and Elder Reeder was
expressing his frustration. He said, "come one! Your catholic! Jesus
is real!" Hahaha I was laughing so hard for like 5 minutes.

So last night we had a Meet and Greet at the stake presidents house,
which is huge by the way. It was the same meeting that I went to when
I first came to the mission. We were all introducing ourselves, and it
comes to sister Kwan. We all of course said something interesting
about ourself. She ends her little introduction by exclaiming loud and
clear, in her broken English, "something interesting, I'm Asian!!!!!!"
The entire room of 42 missionaries erupted into laughter, because her
enthusiasm was too much to not enjoy. That was a journal worthy
experience for sure. Sister Kwan is from Hong Kong and sure likes to
share that!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and watch that He is the
Gift video! I've seen it a thousand times and it is a beautiful
message about the savior Jesus Christ. I know he is our savior, and I
constantly testify of him everyday. It makes a huge difference for me,
and as I do it, I see how much people need to hear it. I know the
gospel is true, and I love Christmas because it is a time when we get
to think of him even more. I love you all and miss you guys!

Elder Janson

Our Christmas is getting larger ...

The MTC District reunited.  And Sister Aguilar standing awkwardly in between us (because we can't put our arm around her :)

The old apartment!  Minus Elder Roper.

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