Sunday, November 2, 2014

10/27/14 Trunk or Treat and cold weather!

Hello Family,

So how's it been? It's getting cold here a lot faster than Florida
does! It was like 46 this morning when we did our P-day walk to the
donut shop and I was cold. What's funny is that when I first came I
hadn't even brought a hoodie type jacket, so I had to buy one like a
dumb Floridian. But I think I can deal with the weather here
considering it's like room temperature during the day.

We had trunk or treat on Friday, and us missionaries were supposed to
"judge" the chili. We kind of did, but did a terrible job, because
basically we just ate the ones that looked good and nominated those
ones, probably the least fair way we could do it, but whatever! We
switched name tags of course, because we are so unique and creative...
It was actually really confusing though. It's funny going to something
like that because I realize that I've been here for like a month and I
still don't know anyone in the ward. I went to ward council yesterday
which was a new experience! It's weird to see that side of the
leadership of the church that I feel like as little kids we are
completely unaware of. They had some interesting conversations. I also
gave a talk yesterday and it was pretty good if I say so myself! Haha
it was alright, and I remembered to remind everyone where I was from
this time.

Two Sundays ago was our stake conference, and what's really funny is
our theme was exactly as yours, because it was about hastening the
work, and the mission president's wife spoke. Just shows the church is
the same everywhere!

We started teaching this less active lady and her husband, which is
crazy because literally like a month ago she wanted nothing to do with
the church. Then this past week she calls us and tells us she wants to
have the missionary lessons, like, now! We're like, ummm, ok! So we
are going over to her place and her husband has questions too, just
about the strength of their testimonies and what things in the church
they like and don't like. It's interesting. We had a member, Brother
Hall the first time, so needless to say we barely spoke haha.

I hope you all are doing well, and know that I am still alive and well
and none of the guys in my apartment have killed each other yet! Not
literally speaking of course. We all get along pretty well, and my
stupid retarded voice has picked up in the whole apartment and we joke
of going to doors and just going, "Hiiiii!" Super loud in a retarded
voice. We are super weird.

Anyways, I'm running out of things to say" haha but I do want to say
that I know the Atonement is real. The guy who talked after me
yesterday gave an amazing talk about that, and how he overcame his
sorrow about having Parkinson's. I think sometimes we need to step
back and look at the blessings the lord has given us. Even if we don't
feel blessed, trials are there for our benefit. I know through Christ
we can feel the burden of trials lift, and we will be able to endure.
I love all of you and hope you are all well! Keep emailing me and keep
me updated with the real world. :)

I will send at least a video that I think you I'll enjoy...

Take care,

Elder Janson

Joseph with President and Sister Alba, the mission president and his wife.

I never sent a picture of my MTC
District, the best people ever!!!!!

Back: Elder Green, Lohman, Searle (my companion), me
Front: Sister Aguilar, Carter, Triana, Walton

So I never sent this picture from a couple weeks ago of us eating at
the Freebairn's when they fed me my green greenie meal! Everything was
green.... (a greenie is a brand new missionary).

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