Sunday, February 22, 2015

2/9/15 In Fairfield

Hello everybody,

So I'm in a new area!! It's a really weird feeling. I feel like I have
no idea what I'm doing again!! But I'll get used to it I guess. I'm in
Fairfield 2nd ward, a nice part of Fairfield with a bunch of huge
houses and golf courses and amazing rolling hills. I think I can deal
with this haha. My new companion is Elder Hastings, a super good
golfer and the only black guy in the mission I'm pretty sure. I'm
pretty stoked. Anyways, he is from Bountiful, Utah. Pretty unique you
know? He works out at night a lot and I'm just honestly too lazy so I
sit there and write in my journal while he does work haha. Or watch a
mormon message to inspire him. Don't get me wrong sometimes I work out
after running but not at night. I'm ready to sack out at night. He
knows a lot of music I do too so it's super chill. We think of all
these songs from back home and it's funny.

We cover the Travis Air Force base and there's lots of young families
and youth, a big change from my last ward that had a bunch of older
people I will say! They all seem really excited about missionary work
and the bishop is very irritated that our area doesn't have a car
anymore. It is irritating because we have to get rides out to
Vacaville Junction a couple miles away and I haven't even been to the
base because we can't bike out on those roads to those 2 places. I'm
sure next transfer we will have a car, but for now, we must suffer
through it!

Our Ward mission leader is a super cool guy. What's funny is the first
thing he did when he saw me was tell me I look like the actor Dave
Franco. He made the comparison picture below. It's pretty funny
because I have gotten that before from multiple people. Not saying I'm
complaining hahaha. He also says Elder Hastings looks like Tiger
Woods, pretty ironic considering he loves golf. He really does look
like him! Look at the other picture...

We had dinner with the Browns is our Ward. Sis Brown is like our
missionary mom or something like that, and Bro Brown went to
Jacksonville Florida on his mission! All he talked about was how he
got rained on repeatedly and was constantly disgusting and sweaty.
Sounds right to me!

I'm excited to be out in this new area, and I hope we can find some
new people out here that are prepared. I know as we work to be
obedient, we will find them. Thank you all for your support and
awesomeness! I'll send some good pictures for you guys.

Love all of you!

Elder Janson

The Halls from my last area.

The Harlins from my last area.  They are so amazing!

My ward mission leader thinks I look just like Dave Franco.  I have heard that before!

Elder Hastings/Tiger Woods.

The north edge of our area, closest to Vacaville, CA.

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