Sunday, March 8, 2015

2/17/15 Temple Trip!

Hey family and friends,

It was a crazy week. Again it's weird being in a new area and
everything and I still feel a little dumb. I'm not sure about it yet
and we better get a car soon because it sucks being us right now! But
my first week here we had about the worst week of the mission and then
we just had the sickest week of the mission! Our mission is being
challenged to get 20 contacts a day and 3 lessons a day. Not only as a
companionship, but as a companionship for 7 days straight, along with
your whole zone getting those numbers for 7 days. All at the same
time! It can be hard because one companionship can mess it up for the
rest in the zone. It's super hard and we still haven't done it. We are
trying to do it during February. So wish us some luck! But because of
this challenge we had nearly the best teaching week of the mission
this past week. We taught like 15 lessons at least, I can't remember
exactly. It was a lot, especially for our area which is pretty
difficult to teach in.

Recently Elder Hastings really wanted to go to this girls house who's
parents are in our Ward, and she goes to the singles ward here. She
apparently was cute haha. So we go one night and her and her friend
are there! So we just talk for awhile and have a pretty sweet lesson
with the girl Ashlee, her friend Jenina, and Ashlee's sister Jenny. A
lot of girls for us missionaries! Haha it was pretty cool though.

Speaking of girls, we had some 12 year old girls or something like
that yelling at us asking how old we were... We just yelled random
ages and they were like "no you're not!!" Haha it was at the Vacaville
Junction park, and we were just going around trying to see some
people. We were about to go to these girls and invite them to repent
of their language haha. It was interesting.

So it was Valentine's Day this weekend, a missionary's favorite
holiday! Jk. But Elder Hastings got a dancing hippo from his mom that
sang, "I like big hugs and I cannot lie!" I was losing it over that
for awhile. And also, no family invited us over for valentines night

We went to the temple this morning and it was so cool. I felt so close
to Heavenly Father and I really felt blessed we were able to go this
transfer. The temple is a sweet place, especially when there are 72
missionaries in your session! A bunch from different missions like San
Francisco and Oakland. I hope everything pulls together in our area
and we have some new people to teach recently. Thank you all for your
support and send me stuff! Haha my new address is
2751 Peppertree Dr Apt #115 Fairfield, CA 94533.

I love you guys!

Elder Janson

Beautiful parts of Fairfield.  I love it!!

North edge of our area.  Should we knock on that guys door way up there?

Me being a boss at the Oakland Temple

Me and Elder Hastings being beautiful

Me and Elder Hastings being bosses

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