Wednesday, June 3, 2015

06/01/15 Its better than you think

Dear Family,

We had a sweet week! Taught like 21 lessons is week, so that was
rather surprising! Most of the lessons were not even planned by us.
The lord pretty much just put people into our path that would listen
to us. We had so many lessons yesterday and we were fasting, so it was
quite the grind.

We had an interesting experience on Friday I believe. We met a guy who
used to go to church in the past, but has now gone to a different
faith. The conversation turned into him condemning church history and
saying that Joseph Smith was dishonest, we are a cult, and all kinds
of ridiculous things. He even went so far to say he got something from
You-Tube. I was trying to be respectful, but at that point I said, "oh
wow, YouTube is a great source definitely." He completely ignored me.
We ended up just bearing our testimony and leaving, but something cool
about this was I felt the spirit even through the contention while I
bore testimony. When we got in the car, the song that happened to be
playing in our car, was "Praise To The Man." It was so cool! Then
later that day we taught a new family, and the guy was arguing saying
that we believe grace is only achieved after denying all ungodliness,
so he thought it sounded impossible to achieve grace. We finished the
lesson and testified, and got in the car. The song playing was none
other but "Amazing Grace." We freaked out! It was the coolest thing
ever. God was saying basically, "it is all true what you are teaching
and testifying of.

So living in Fairfield is interesting. If you don't know, our car
window got smashed in while we weren't using it and were with Elder
Young for about 9 days. Luckily nothing was taken, but you can't
really go one day without hearing sirens in this beautiful place haha.
It's definitely fun.

We saw a young woman from our ward sitting in our car in this one
neighborhood we were in on Saturday. We went and talked to her and
she's super cool and we asked where her friend was she had talked
about that had seen us walking a lot. She was about to meet her! So
her friend came out and we introduced ourselves and talked for a
second. They were both like 17. It was super funny to see them and
then their other friend named Joseph was dropped off, and we had been
trying to see him for weeks! We set up a lesson with him and got to
know him better. Members helping out definitely is a plus :). You
never know who the lord will send you too.

Overall it was an amazing week and I'm sad I will probably get
transferred next week. i love this ward! It's huge and has a bunch of
awesome people who are all about helping us. Dominique is doing great
and we have almost finished her new member lessons she still has top
notch questions for us and texts us whenever she does.

I'm grateful for all of your prayers and support, and good luck to
everyone like Jake and Corey going on missions soon! It's closer than
you think, but better than you think as well.

Love all of you.
Elder Janson

More Chalking ...

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