Monday, May 25, 2015

5/25/15 Chalking ...


It was a pretty awesome week! We did a lot of cool district activities, we went chalking twice. (Chalking is when we all get together like little kids and draw with sidewalk chalk gospel related things until someone thinks we are weird and ask a question!) It was so fun!! I hope you saw the pictures of my amazing art. It was impressive :). It's good for doing something out of the ordinary missionary work.

For our district meeting we went to the park next to our stake center and had the meeting. It was the best district meeting ever! For one of our practices, we literally just did a real life practice! Some lady was walking by and we joked about role playing with her instead of each other. Then Elder Young just gets up and goes and talks to her. It turns out being a small little lesson with her where we showed her a video and passed her on the the 3rd ward elders to teach. All in district meeting! Just so you know, that is not normal haha.

It was sad but not sad again as Elder Young left our companionship and we were reduced to just a duo again. An Elder who had gone home and came back was out with a Elder Young. His name is Elder Alcivar. He is super cool and is from New York. Still no Utah :)

We had a funny experience when we were going to visit a member. We drove up to the address and were confused for a second as it said, it was a Buddhist temple. We're just like, "well let's knock anyways!!" Hahaha so we did! And some monk answered and said the lady we were looking for wasn't there (obviously). He let us in though and we saw their evening chant/meditation. It was pretty cool!

We had an amazing lesson his week! His name is Lyndon, and he's about 24ish and is in ROTC at Sac State. His friend from BYU referred him and he is so willing to learn! The lesson felt like we were doing some MTC practice and it we actually knew what we were doing! He accepted the baptismal invite and I'm sure he will read. He just barely started reading the bible we gave him as well. He's the coolest guy ever! Keep him in your prayers.

Well I'm burnt out on writing, but I just want to say it was a super fun week! We got to go mini golfing today and go karting for free! Thank goodness a member owns Scandia, a small amusement park place like skate station. It was a blast!

I love you all,

Elder Janson

District chalking!

 I drew Moses

 Hmong food!!

Us imitating a crawdad we found..

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