Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6/15/15 First Week in Eureka!

Hey everybody.

It has been an interesting week to say the least. Up here in the
boonies there are some interesting people. We taught a man named Byron
who randomly came to church and wants to be baptized. The only twist
he is a bit crazy he told us many things I can not publicly say, and
he desperately wants to confront Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan in Beverly
Hills because they hurt him and his family. He wants us to go with
him... Welcome to Eureka I guess. It was quite the interesting lesson.

We don't have a car... In Eureka 2nd ward! Which happen to be the
smallest up here in the stake, but it is still too big! So we got
permission from president to ride with the sisters in our zone, we
have Hermanas (Spanish sister missionaries) in our ward so they drive
us to dinner a lot :). It feels kinda funny riding with two girls
around town, but I ain't complaining I guess. Hahaha. It's interesting
being a district leader as well, especially when my district is me and
my companion, and 4 sisters... Hahah. I call them every night and see
how they're doing. It's pretty funny sometimes. I taught my first
district meeting on Friday and boy was I scared to teach a bunch of
missionaries about missionary work that have almost all been out
longer than me! But it's fun at the same time. I have to teach a gain
tomorrow... It's a constant struggle. But I'm doing good :).

We went to this community event up in Arcata called "Arts Alive." It
was just a bunch of people walking around and looking at art and music
and dancing that we couldn't partake of. We had a little table with a
board with a picture of a tree on it. Then we had sticky notes. We
called it our "gratitude tree!" They could put whatever they are
thankful for on it! I met a guy from Gainesville, FL and we talked for
a bit as well. All I've been wondering for a week is "why do people
live here!?" Haha it's such a random place and we've met like 10
members when we were just out contacting, they were on vacation! We're
like, "wow that's cool I guess!" It's such a weird little town and
they still have movie rental places, NO REDBOX. Like really! I'm
living in the 70s it feels like because it just has that vibe. It's a
cool little town though. Lots of one way roads... But there's like not
enough traffic to justify it. It's quite funny actually.

We've taught this guy named Sean who is super cool and he knows a lot
about the church and has talked to multiple missionaries. He is super
funny and makes a joke about everything. Hopefully we see him at
church pretty soon.

Well I hope you all are doing amazing! I miss and love you all a bunch!

Elder Janson

The Bozeman's, staunch Warriors fans :)

Me and Achal

Sister Majors and me at transfers! Best sister ever! Gonna miss her.

The Williams!

The doers of our laundry for 4.5 months! The VanWeerd's the best
people in the world.

Sisters, well Hermanas technically, givin us rides cause we lame
and don't have a car...

 Us being amazing

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