Sunday, July 19, 2015

6/22/15 What a week ...

What a week...

So this week literally started in quite a terrible way. Literally
right after emailing you all. We decided it would be a great idea to
to China Buffet for lunch! So we did! And ate some food, I didn't eat
a bunch, but we ate. Well that night we had dinner with the Hermanas.
The member happened to give us some really greasy tacos, that tasted
good then. Well that night we both just felt super queasy. We were
like what's going on!? We get home a little early because I couldn't
take it anymore. Well after a bit I just throw up everything and it
was nasty! So for the next three days I felt like crap and was never
hungry at members dinners. Not a fun experience getting food poisoning
form a Eureka China Buffet. Sometimes we are so smart haha. I drank a
lot of Pepto Bismol for a little bit, but I'm ok now :). What's
amazing though is now I'm pretty grateful to have 4 sisters in my
district and sisters in my ward as well, because they both came and
brought me sprite, Gatorade, crackers, and ginger ale! I was like,
wow! I'm good to go! Hahaha when Sister Day and Aguilar brought some,
as they walked away we were like, "did it hurt!?" "What?" They say.
"When you fell from heaven!!"  I think they really appreciated that.

A couple days ago Sister Day got sick as well, so we went to their
rescue and got her Pepto and gave her a blessing. It was pretty cool
to be able to help her when she needed it. We biked all the way to
their apartment and it was awesome! Our district is pretty awesome.

So I had another stake conference here! I just had the one in
Fairfield and now up here in Eureka! It was a bonus I suppose. We had
Marcus B. Nash and another Seventy here for this stake conference. The
stake presidency was being reorganized because the president was
moving. At the Saturday night one Elder Nash brought such power and
spirit to the meeting. It was just an interactive thing on ward
councils and then he brought President Alba and some missionaries and
others up, and testified of the power that we as missionaries have.
The spirit basically hit all of us like a ton of bricks. I loved it!
Elder Nash is basically my new favorite general authority. :).

We had our last interviews with President and Sister Alba. It's really
sad that they are leaving but it will bring a lot of changes! I don't
know what to expect, but then what do we really expect serving a
mission!? A bunch of unknown pretty much!

I love you all and hope you have a sweet week!

Elder Janson

  What the sisters see when they pick us up

Elder McKinley pulling a bike alongside him, had to borrow it while
he got his fixed

Me in little chair

Building an absolutely disgusting chicken coup. Now those clothes
smell like chicken poo.

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