Saturday, January 31, 2015

1/19/15 Some Crazy News

Hey everybody.

So we got an interesting call this morning. President Alba called and
left a message as we are getting ready this morning, and Elder Reeder
sees it after his shower and runs in. "President called, Elder!!" I
was like... Uhhhhh haha. So he told us that for the last two weeks of
this transfer we are going to be training this missionary who is on
his first transfer!!! So we are both fairly new missionaries, but
president said that he was in a trio companionship before that was
being disobedient and wasn't a good example for him, so he chose US!?
Haha we are freaking out. We will be a trio!! Needless to say we had
to clean our apartment this morning.

So Sherlyn is good for baptism on the 31st! We finished teaching her
lesson 4 last night with another Filipino member in another ward. She
is so solid! I didn't really expect a baptism in my first area but it
is probably a couple days before I get transferred, since I'm pretty
sure I'm out of this area in two weeks. We also invited this older
lady Lisa to be baptized on Valentine's Day. What a day right?? She
almost came to church yesterday but she had food poisoning. Darn.

So I'm turning over a new leaf this week. I've actually been running
in the morning! Now by running I mean we are really only out for 20
minutes, and Elder Reeder refuses to run haha so I run back and forth
while he walks. It's pretty fun I must say. I figured I need to work
on that 15 pounds I have gained, plus it feels wonderful to run again!

We had the funniest tracting experience yet the other night. We just
went to some neighborhood we hadn't been to, and it was only 7:15, so
we figured that's fine. I mean we usuallyl tract then and people are
fine with it. But we get to one street and something happens. One
door, the guy opens and says, "really!?" As if suggesting that we are
being ridiculous for knocking on his door at such a "late" hour. Then
I finally said what I've been wanting to say. I'm like, "well yes! I
don't think it's ever too late for a message about Jesus Christ!"
Hahaha it was amazing!! Then the next 5 doors said the same thing!
Either through the door or just yelling at us, that it was way too
late to tract. And the whole time we are just busting up laughing
between doors. We're like, it's 7:30!!! Hahaha we always knock at that
time!! Anyways, just thought I'd share that.

We had such a good lesson with a member and his daughter the other
night. It was with this German guy we have been teaching who is so
cool! He is a stone mason, and loves to read the bible and learn of
Christ. He has the greatest love for Christ I have really seen out of
the church. But Brother Harlin came with us with his daughter who is
about 9. And Elder Reeder asked her to share an experience as part of
the lesson. So we were teaching him, and then asked her to share. She
shared about how God helped her and her family in her car crash. Right
when she started talking the spirit flowed into that room instantly.
She talked for maybe 20 seconds then stopped, and the room was silent.
We were all stunned! It was such a cool experience, and the
investigator could feel it too. I'm so glad we had the spirit there,
because it so helpful, and he has such a desire to read the Book of
Mormon now. All we can say, is the spirit is real!! Haha

Thank you everybody for being awesome! Keep praying for Sherlyn and
her baptism date, as well as her health. She frequently goes in for
dialysis for her kidneys, and she's wanted to be baptized for awhile.
I'm so glad to be out here and feel the Lord blessing us, and maybe
testing us with a new missionary!

I love all of you guys!

Elder Janson

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