Sunday, March 8, 2015

2/23/15 I'm sick.

Hey everybody!!!!

So me and Elder Hastings have been kind of sick and coughing and
contaminating Fairfield. Haha jk but we are sick and it's tough!
There's also no Netflix out on the Mish so it's a little harder to be
in a lot. Hahaha good one right?

It was pretty cool earlier this week though. When I first got really
sick Elder Williams and Grange from 1st ward came in our apartment and
Elder Hastings and them gave me a blessing. It's pretty cool that they
are able to do that and us missionaries can so readily use our
priesthood to bless each other. It's a good support system!

So this is a pretty funny story from church yesterday. We were sitting
in the back and the Millers who are a young couple were right in front
of us. Sis Miller still had her tag on her dress hanging back from her
neck! Elder Hastings was so annoyed he was trying to get her husband's
attention during church and had written out on the program, "your
wife's shirt tag!" Oh my gosh it was so funny. We then had them for
dinner that night, last night. It was a funny awkward situation to say
the least. Luckily they are the coolest family ever!

So it's been like 65 degrees everyday out here. It's a hard life here
in the California Santa Rosa mission. We sometimes have to wear long
sleeved shirts because it is such arctic weather. I'm totally messing
with all of you excuse my sarcasm. But the weather is beautiful!
Sometimes we just want to chill at the park forever because the
weather is so gorgeous. I hear it's pretty cold everywhere else, is
Florida cold?

Anyways, if I had any really cool news I would tell it. Nothing much
has happened. We had a sweet lesson with Dominique, one of our most
solid investigators. It was at a members home, which is the best
environment where the spirit is so strong. That's where miracles
happen! Members and missionaries working together! It's real stuff
folks! I encourage all of you to help your missionaries, because I can
bet they probably don't know what to do with their time half of the
time. They need you!

I just hope you all are doing wonderful and know that I know God
lives! This past week I've just had a goal to listen to every
prompting I receive from the spirit. The spirit is our direct
connection to heaven. That is amazing! We shouldn't take that for
granted. I hope you all can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost in
your life, because that is the thing that sets us apart as a people in
the world.

I love you all!

Elder Janson

Hey guys!!  Here's a picture of people in our interesting zone ...

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