Sunday, March 8, 2015

3/2/15 Digital Age

Family and Friends!

So it's been real exciting lately! Haha not really though. We are
getting new iPads soon and hopefully they are sweet! We are getting a
bunch of "digital age training" in our next zone meeting, because I
guess we need it but not really haha. I know it's because they want us
to be safe in our use of the devices but that's just kind of a given.
Apparently someone needs it.

So we walked by a former investigator's house and started talking to
him. Turned out he had a baptismal date back in the day but he just
never did it and he is super cool! He is the guy we picked oranges
for. Jerry the Orange guy haha. Those were some hard oranges to pick
considering they were way too high and we broke one of his old tools!
Well I did... But he wasn't mad luckily! Haha it was cool to see
someone so open to us and he said he has a lot of respect for
missionaries and the church. We are still trying to do more service
for him. We will see how that goes!

So recently I have been having very vivid dreams that mesh everything
from missionary work, to family, being home, and some weird action
movie type stuff. I wake up and am relieved I'm still on a mission and
I didn't go home with no memory past 6 months in my mission! Haha it
happens to every missionary I hear. Missionaries are weird.

So we are probably going to go golfing a little bit today later for
p-day. I hope I don't swing super hard and kill someone... Haha I'm
pretty bad as far as I know! And I'm playing with Elder Hastings who
has a golfing scholarship for Washington State.... I hope I don't make
a fool of myself! But we're just going to the driving range, not doing
all the holes. But it should be awesome!

Well I hope you all are doing well. It's been a little hard with the
work lately and it's hard to find people to teach when everyone is
rich and doesn't want to talk to us haha. But I know our work will
help at least one person and we need to keep our motivation up, as
well as having the spirit with us. It can be hard to keep it
constantly, but it is vital! I love you all!

Elder Janson

Amazing pictures from the Paradise Valley Golf Course area.  Its one of the nicest parts of Fairfield. 

 Yes, we climbed this hill because it looked awesome!

Here's some sweet service pictures for this guy who used to be an
investigator and actually took up our offer for service! We picked
some insanely hard-to-get-to oranges and trimmed branches and such.

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