Sunday, March 29, 2015

3/9/15 New ipads

Hello family,

It's a hectic week coming up seeing as we have an All-Mission
Conference on Wednesday where we get our new iPads. So we gotta like
save and email all our pictures and notes so that we have them for our
new ones. And the whole mission in one building is pretty exciting!
I'm excited to see my MTC peeps again!

We had a pretty sweet day the other night! I believe it was on
Thursday that we got 30 contacts, 6 lessons, and 2 baptismal invites.
Like DANG! That is incredible, and I've never had that many lessons on
the mission yet. We were just rolling and teaching everyone and being
bosses! And on Wednesday we taught Domonique, who is a super cool lady
with two kids and she's been coming to church for awhile now. We
invited her to be baptized and she said if she keeps figuring out that
it is true. She said she was baptized of course which always happens
haha. But we had an awesome lesson with her and a member in our Ward
who met her at Walmart. Who woulda though Walmart would be the
missionary work place!? That's the way to do it.

Last night we went to dinner with the McCorkle's in our Ward and they
are pretty awesome! After we ate and talked for awhile I saw that they
had some Lego books and I was no way!! They had some sweet Lego books
that had every kind of Lego and I kind of geeked out and the mom was
talking to me about a huge Lego x-wing. Haha it was funny! And then
they showed us some Lego books, one for the Old Testament and one for
the New Testament! It had a bunch of scenes in the bible like showed
in Lego form, like a Lego comic book. It was pretty hilarious, but
also slightly disturbing! Haha what I want to see is a Lego Book of
Mormon book. That's my new goal in life :).

I'm excited for some new stuff to be happening and we might get a car
at transfers next week, which would be wonderful. With new iPads we
are expected to be responsible, which can be hard for a bunch of 18
year olds, but I think we can do it.

Anyways, have a good week, and I'm glad to be out here doing work,
even though it gets pretty hard sometimes. But I know it's worth it to
find those that are ready. You all are awesome!

Elder Janson

Our Zone

Our Zone being hilarious

Elder Janson and Elder Hastings chillin'

A great commercial for 7UP!

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