Sunday, July 19, 2015

6/29/15 President Alba leaving today :(


Well we had our all mission conference and it was pretty sad to see
sister Alba and President Alba speak to us for the last time. I've
never cried twice in a meeting hahaha. It's weird how close you get to
them, and now it's all changed. The new mission President, President
Wright is here today, officially the president at 5. Pretty weird. I'm
looking forward to a new experience, but I will miss all that
President Alba and his wife did for us. They truly love the Savior.

I was able to get music on my iPad so I'm not dying in silence
anymore! Motab for life I guess haha. I also want to thank my parents
for the very patriotic tie, I'm excited to rock that. Ties are the
only thing we get for excitement. Kind of sorta kidding :).

We got to meet this man named Clay, who is amazing! He called a member
of our bishopric and asked to have missionaries come. He technically
is under the sisters area in 1st ward but we met with him to see what
his plan and expectations were for us. He is one of the most humble
men I have met and has addiction problems, but his ex wife is a member
and he knows the gospel and atonement will help him. Hopefully he can
feel the spirit through the sisters and eventually make that change in
his life.

Overall, the biggest news is the change in the mission president. Our
area is doing well and we are working with a lot of members trying to
get them to church! Got a couple older ladies to come and it was
awesome to see them there. We are trying as a district to step it up,
as well as our zone. It is not the easiest work way up here, but as we
keep trying and relying on him, we will have success!

I love you all!

Elder Janson

Saying bye to president :(

 Me and McKinley modeling in Humboldt county :)

Chick-fil-a life

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