Sunday, July 19, 2015

7/6/15 Week of July 4th


So it was quite a busy week to say the least. July 4th was a blast! As
you can see from the beautiful photos :). We went to hand out Otter
pops downtown, which worked surprisingly well even though the
Popsicles were pretty much kool aid in a tube. But we talked to so
many people, and again, I wonder, why is it so crowded in a place such
as Eureka?? What are people doing here!? Hahah it was fun.

We met our mission president on Saturday morning as well! We all went
to McKinleyville and him and a couple of his kids were there, as well
as his wife of course. He is such a nice jolly guy! His daughter
recently got back from a mission and she and her fiancé were there...
We're all just like 😑. Hahaha it was awesome though! It's an odd
feeling to have a different mission president, but he even said
himself, "if you need it or not, you now have a clean slate!" So here
we go!

Earlier in the week we taught a sister who is so incredibly stubborn I
couldnt believe it! She is a member, and we went with Bro Richards,
our ward mission leader to see her. We literally talked to her for 10
minutes trying to get her to say the opening prayer!!! She simply
would not. She was trying to be all joking about it but inside im
thinking, "your a grown woman and you are arguing about saying a
prayer!? Are you 5!?" Haha I understand people are afraid of what they
don't know how to do, but she knows how! Anyways it was a good lesson
in patience for me, because boy did she get on my nerves!

I was able to go on exchanges! I normally can't because, well, all the
people I have stewardship over in my district are sisters haha. Can't
really work that one out. But I was able to have Elder Green, the
other district leader come to my area for a day. It was so fun!! He
was one of the guys in my MTC room and we may be too close friends
haha. But it was one of the best exchanges. We went on splits with the
members that night and I had the coolest experience. I was with Bro
Timmons going to see some members, and I asked him about a particular
member we had down as being taught. Right then, brother Dement texts
us about that very members wife, who was in the hospital! It was
crazy, but I know the spirit was just leading us to someone who needed
us. So we went to the hospital, and I got to meet this lady's family
and everyone and participate in giving her a blessing, she's a super
nice Hawaiian lady and it was an amazing experience where I felt love
for someone I just met. I thoroughly believe only the spirit of God
can do that. I thank him for that!

It was a sweet week! I hope you all are being the amazing people I
know you to be.

Love, Elder Janson

Me and Elder Green contacting downtown, Elder Sutterfield snuck
some pics in, so many people!!!!

Taking pictures with street performers...

Hermana Figueroa and me and Elder Sutterfield

So patriotic

Elder McKinley lookin good

More patriotism at Bro Cowden's

Us and Jared, coolest kid!

Almost ate a dead lizard :)

Driving selfie!

Elder green pretending to be Elder McKinley, who is a roper

Thought you all would like this, what angles protect us from on the mission

Handing out lemonade downtown

Meeting new mission president!!!! President Wright


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