Sunday, July 19, 2015

7/13/15 Too Many Little Hills

Family, it was another crazy week here in Eureka. Me and Elder
McKinley were busy beyond anything on Wednesday and Thursday, I've
never been so tired biking! There are too many little hills here, and
some very large ones! It gets a little crazy after a while. We went
all over and have to organize rides to parts of our area we can't bike
too. It's a real struggle with no car, but we've been managing

I hope you saw our amazing video of me and Elder McKinley on the
dinosaurs at the park. That is the result of our tired minds and
bodies. We get to such levels of awareness :).

We had a crazy lesson with Sister Dade again and she expressed her
same irrational concerns about prayer and such. At the end was the
highlight. Elder McKinley suddenly speaks up and says, "I feel
impressed to share something with you." He goes on to say that the
lord needed her for his work, and he needed her now. The spirit in the
room was beyond tangible and I knew right then it was the lord
speaking to her. What a sweet experience! She is pretty hardened to
the spirit, but I know she felt something.

Last night I thought me and Elder McKinley had our suit coats stolen
out of the relief society room, and I was very distressed! Then at the
apartment I decided to write down all the blessings of the day. I was
having a bad day for sure. Right then our Bishop, bishop tulmau, calls
and explains he saw our coats in the room and took them into his
office just in case. I was so relieved, and found it as a direct
blessing for counting my blessings! It was sweet!

I hope all of you remember to count your blessings when everything can
be irritating you. It is hard, but you will be blessed for it. I can
testify to that!

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Janson

Sweet zone pictures at zone meeting!

 We might have enough BOMs for awhile

Eureka sunset

Me.... Scaring someone I guess

"Elder Janson being weird" in Sister Aguilar's words

"Elder Janson being weird again

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