Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 22, 2016 First Week in Shiloh Park

Happy last week of February!

Wow that happened quick. Life is flying by and this week felt just
weird! Me and Elder Green get along so well I don't know how we get
anything done ever, but we did! Saturday Ruben got baptized, who Elder
Green and Elder Hastings taught here in Shiloh Park Ward. His wife is
a member and was thrilled to see him make this step. Elder Hastings
was my companion in Fairfield if you don't remember, so we skyped him
into the baptisms and that was fun. We also had a baptism yesterday
for Mitchell Bradley, in the picture, and that was amazing too. Much
of his family came who are not members and had a good experience. He
is friends with our Ward mission leaders family they are the best
fellowshippers! Don't underestimate your power as members! This week
we taught a lot of lessons as well and our goal is to go height next
week. We were pretty busy with transfers and such this week. I have no
clue how to be a zone leader and Elder Green jokes he doesn't
either... So it is an adventure haha. Our zone isn't very big though
so I hope we can all get close and have a good time! We have a trio of
Spanish sisters in our zone and let me tell you they work hard! They
are definite examples to us and don't mess around. You gotta love em!

So another highlight of this weekend was not only did two people get
baptized, Ruben also got confirmed, along with a married couple who
got baptized a week or two back but couldn't get confirmed yet. So we
had three confirmations in one sacrament meeting! Haven't seen that
much. I wonder why the heck I walked in to all of this activity but I
guess it is a good way to set the pace for the transfer. We were
laughing how we literally had 4 baptismal records in our pocket at
church, the most I've ever had for sure! Never filled out so many
baptismal records! We want to have another baptism this transfer.
Because of the MTC extending the normal time to three weeks, this
transfer will be 7 weeks, which I tell by experience feels SO LONG.
But seriously I don't how I got blessed to be with Elder Green, who
was in my MTC room and we literally have the same sense of humor, and
you all who know me know what that means. Nothing we say doesn't bring
a laugh. It is quite refreshing really. Helps with the stress! So I'm
glad to be with him.

Hope you all stay true to what you know and remember Christ in
everything you do, say, and be. I love you all!

Elder Janson

Sent from the eye of Mordor

 Elder and sisters who left Vacaville, Didi, a member there is
obsessed with missionaries and takes us to eat a bunch haha

Sister Aguilar, my favorite sister ever who came out with me who is
dying this transfer :(. And Elder green my companion behind us. As you
can see we are similar

Mitchell Bradley, who got baptized yesterday, the second of two
baptisms this weekend!

 Me and green baptizing for days!!

Sisters I served with in Eureka!

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