Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 7, 2016 This Transfer is Flying!

What's up everyone!?

First of all, this week me and Elder Green realized we are entering
the 4th week of the transfer... It kinda freaked us out. It's going so
fast! The transfer is 7 weeks so it will go a little longer, but
still. We are doing so much I guess everyday is just flying by and we
don't have much time to think!

On Thursday we went on exchanges with the APs, so Elder Britt came in
our area with me. We had like 4 lessons that day which is a solid day
for us. It was pretty interesting to go with an assistant to the
president on exchanges, but he's way chill so it is fine. That night
we went to go see Josh, this like 12 year old kid who got baptized but
I don't think much of his family is, he is the only one that comes
occasionally. We met him and his little cousin Kylie who was a crazy
little girl! She called me Elder Jason and him Elder Brit-t-t. She was
in 3rd grade and talked a bunch about not believing in god haha then
she later said I want to go to Haven (Heaven). Then Elder Britt is
like "how will you go to heaven if you don't believe in God?" She
quickly said, "I believe in God!" It was honestly just hilarious.

We did service for Sis Labonte a member in the Ward, and her dad who
isn't a member. He had a bunch of boxes and crap on top of this
section in his warehouse, and so our job was get all the crap down off
of the platform that was about 10 feet up. It was right below the
ceiling so Elder green was crouching down handing me stuff on a ladder
and putting it on the ground for the dad to sort through. So much rat
poop man, apparently the members sister is a big hoarder. One of the
big boxes Elder green started to move, and two rats come scurrying
out! Haha we all jumped and look carefully in each box after that.
Rats are nasty man. The dad gave us money after the service despite us
saying we won't take it, so we went to dinner that night since ours
cancelled haha. Blessings I guess.

We had a lesson this week with Carol, this old funny lady who we found
in the area book. She has a good member friend Sue who came to church
with her yesterday, the member is from woodland which isn't too close!
It was cool that she came and helped Carol around. Carol seems to want
to keep coming and learn, so we will see! She always calls us asking
stuff like how to get to the church haha we gotta talk slow sometimes.
We taught many lessons this week again, this area is always on fire
man, we have to keep up with it. Hopefully we can keep it up and not
burn out. We have a lot of service for the whole zone planned next
week, which is a change. We can get out of these clothes and do
something man! Anyways, things are going well and the spirit continues
to help us along, I love that one thing, when the spirit is present
and you know they are feeling it too. It is one of the hardest things
that we must learn to do this work. I love you all and hope your week
is fantastic!

Elder Janson

Beach pics from last Monday! I am the one in the back of the
nametag one haha

 Us thuggin on the beach

This explains our companionship perfectly

This is what happens when we go to Ross

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