Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 15, 2016 Transferred!

Hello family and friends!

Holy cow this week was ridiculous. We finished off the transfer with
the most lessons I've had here, and got a new investigator just
yesterday! He was referred by Breanna, the girl who is now YSA's
investigator. We randomly he walked by and she was at his house
outside talking to him and had us set up a time to see him. So we did!
He has almost no knowledge about God and Christ, his parents were both
very different religions. He wants to learn more and it's awesome!
Elder Waites and his new companion will teach him.

I am being transferred out of the Vacatrap! I was called to be a zone
leader in Santa Rosa, and I'm going to be with Elder Green! He's
literally like my favorite person ever! Hahaha we will have a blast
being zone leaders there. I'm going to go to church in the same
building as I did as a Greenie in Santa Rosa, Peterson Lane Ward. It
will be fun to serve in the same stake as I did then, I'm excited to
see people from there. I'm kinda scared to be a zone leader but I
think it will be alright. I've been a district leader too long haha.

This week we had more lesson than I've ever had in this area, about
17. It was a way solid week and the members help us a lot. I'm sad to
leave such a supportive ward, but I'm also ready to leave and move on.
For those in my family, you know my stupid humor, just imagine that
amplified and yah at is Elder Green, we get along almost too well
hahaha. Elder Green was in my MTC room and we had a blast then as
well. I'm ready to go to Rosa and do work! I'll let you know my
address soon.

Another piece of business. We can now be friends on Facebook, just as
long as I don't talk to you guys on Facebook. But it helps to follow
each other.

Thanks for all your support and love. Love you all!

Elder Janson

Our district picture. Don't ask about the name, it's just the way it is haha

The zone!

Me and the Mcburneys!

Me excited to go... Hahaha

More of the zone and other members, recent converts

My Ward mission leader!

Bro Baer

Saying bye to Rodney and Joseph! Joseph goes on a mission to Houston soon

 Fisher family!

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