Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 29, 2016 Taught a bunch of lessons!

Hey family!

Holy cow have we been busy! We went all over our Ward and met some
members and taught many lessons, it is great to be so busy you don't
even know where to put a new appointment haha. Definitely poses a
problem. We taught over 20 lessons and everyday we were coming home
exhausted. We set a new baptismal date for this lady named Sheri, and
her husband Jeff is a member and is helping a lot. She really wants to
learn but needs to get work off on Sunday. The spirit was strong as we
did one of the harder lessons, the plan of salvation. Hope we can have
a good lesson with her this week.

We had a MLC this week as well, which is basically a leadership
meeting for the mission. Elder Hamula from the 70 was in our mission
for some conferences with the mission, so we got a half mission
conference with him and for the MLC too. He definitely had a lot of
things to correct, but also was great to have him there and feel as if
really the prophet was there. That's how it is anyways, the general
authorities represent the prophet to us, and the prophet speaks for
the lord. The organization is incredible and I understand it more now.
Later on Friday we had our first zone meeting, which was he first time
I taught a zone meeting. I wasn't really nervous though, but it helps
that our zone is tiny and was even tinier because two elders were
sick! It was a great meeting and helped me feel comfortable in the new

Had a meet and greet with the stake presidency yesterday, with both
Santa Rosa zones that make up the Santa Rosa stake. It sure is fun to
have all of us together, missionaries are crazy together haha. The
leaders of the stake certainly are awesome and want us to work with
them. They have quite a different approach that I like, they are more
approachable than other leaders I have worked with. We are excited to
get going with them.

Anyways, we had a great week. Brother Nelson in the bishopric asked me
to speak like 5 minutes yesterday in sacrament meeting, which was
super easy. I spoke on the joy of missionary work, and it really all
came naturally, which is good I guess! At least I know I'm enjoying
it. But I know that the thing that brings the joy is the spirit, and
knowing I have followed it. That is what President Monson has said is
the sweetest thing, to know you have received a prompting and followed
it, and seen that it has been the answer to someone's prayer or need.
I hope we can all do this more readily. Love you all!

Elder Janson

Us being dumb

 Elder Green holding a mailboxes hand

Me as well

If this doesn't describe Elder Boam, nothin does. Haha he drives me crazy

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