Monday, April 13, 2015


Hey everybody,

So it's been a hectic week. I feel like I say that a lot, but I mean
it! It's transfers tomorrow and me and Elder Hastings are the only
companionship that isn't changing in our zone. And we didn't get a car
so life is pretty difficult! We thought we would get one but
apparently the mission is losing cars and missionaries. We gotta carry
the load now.

It was pretty cool this past Wednesday. We had the all mission
conference and Elder Nielsen was there, who spoke at an earlier
conference we had. He is so awesome!!!!! He knows doctrine for sure.
But he said he's speaking at general conference! So look for him! I
believe he said he would speak in one of the Sunday sessions. His name
is Brent H. Nielsen and he's the bomb. He is the one going around and
helping rollout iPads to missions all over the world. Our old iPads
are going to Europe which is funny. They get the old ones and we get
the new iPad 2s. These new iPads have the best screen and work so much
better. We are quite blessed to have them.

So we taught Dominique this week and she said she had read 4
things.cshe didn't know what they were called. So we were like oh 4
verses? Awesome! But we found out she had read 4 chapters in 1 Nephi!
She understood them so well and we were stoked! She is going really
well and is always at church. Just pray for her that she keeps going!

Thank all you guys for supporting me and happy st. Patrick's day! I
wish I had an adequate green tie but that's alright :)

Love you all!

Elder Janson

Abel, who we have been teaching, one of the most sarcastic, hilarious people I have ever been in the presence of!

A spider we found.

A beautiful bunny we walk by that sits in its owners yard.

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