Monday, April 13, 2015

3/23/15 Because He Lives

Hey people,

This week is momentous!! The church is coming out with a new video
called "Because He Lives." It will be on the gospel library on March
28th I believe. Us missionaries have already seen it, because we're
awesome! Haha but it is for Easter of course. It is going to be all
over YouTube on April 5th. The church is literally buying YouTube for
that day. Let everyone know! The site is

So soon we will be passing out hundreds of cards for this. It's gonna
be amazing, better than that "He is the Gift" video. Trust me!

So we have sisters in our district now! It's pretty cool. They are
super chill and help keep us sane and make us work harder. We
sometimes need that if you aren't aware.

This Sunday yesterday we had a guy give his farewell talk for his
mission. He's going to Anchorage, Alaska Spanish speaking. Pretty
crazy! He had a bunch of family there so it was full, and our ward is
already big. It's weird because he's like 22 and I'm still 18 on my
mission... I'm such a baby! But it was cool to see him and his
excitement for that.

Nothing really exciting has happened to be 100% honest! It's been just
a lot of walking and talking to people about sometimes random stuff.
One guy kept saying over and over that temptation is only a
"battlefield in yo mind!" We were like, alright then! A girl in the
passenger seat of a car we thought was twitching, but she was legit
winking at us. It was pretty hilarious. We've recently been getting a
lot of friendly honks and I don't know why, but also not so friendly
honks! But that's what we live for sometimes. It's fun.

Domonique is still on track for sure! We will set a date for her in
the next couple days and she has already been to church 8 times in a
row! That should make some kind of record for a nonmember who has no
large ties to anyone in the ward. She is so solid! Looking forward to
seeing her progress.

I just hope you all know the church is true! And get geared up for
general conference because it's gonna be amazing. I would invite you
guys to have questions going into it, just as we have been challenged
as missionaries.

Thanks for everything!

Elder Janson

My beautiful St. Patrick's Day tie!

A panorama of our amazing apartment.

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