Monday, April 13, 2015


Dear Family and friends,

It's been a pretty dang good week. Elder Hastings was sick for a
little though, so let's just say the book Jesus the Christ, I'm almost
done with it. Haha it's not too fun being sick on the mission.

Anyways, we are excited for Domonique, who has a baptismal date for
the 18th of April. She is going so well and even texts us questions
about the Book of Mormon! Haha not something too common. She is so
comfortable with the ward and her kids go to nursery and everythting!
Anyways, she's the one that brought up being baptized too. It was
pretty funny but cool.

We had a pretty interesting experience when a lady called us over to
talk to her. That is usually exciting but too good to be true. The
latter is true in this case because this lady was so drunk we couldn't
get away! Haha she said repeatedly I had a beautiful smile that "she
could see her reflection" in. Whatever that means! We thought she was
going to slap Elder Hastings too. Sometimes you talk to the most
peculiar people on a mission, but that's what brings excitement to our

We've been doing good though and General Conference is coming soon!
Y'all better be stoked! Hopefully Domonique will come to that too,
which I'm sure she will.

We've showed the Because He Lives video a lot and it is the coolest!
Nothing brings the spirit more than Jesus Christ and what he did for
us. I know that is true. Our message as missionaries has multiple
facets, but it really is e pure and simple doctrine of Christ. When
you don't know what to say, speak of Christ!

I love all you guys and hope you can "Find Him" this Easter. Keep being awesome!

Elder Janson

Us focusing on the Easter season!


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