Monday, April 13, 2015

4/6/15 A sweet work

Hello people

I'm sure you can tell from our pictures we had quite a fun week. First
of all, conference this weekend was the bomb! It's never better than
that pretty much. I don't know if you all remember Elder Brent H.
Nielson, but he spoke on Sunday Morning and he was the one who came to
our mission for conferences here twice. He is so amazing and his talk
was definitely one I know can help so many people. I hope you all had
a good time watching conference, because I did!

So we taught Dominique on Wednesday again, and went through all of the
4th lesson on commandments. If you are not aware, that is a lot to
throw at someone all at once. But we did, and wow I've never seen
anyone more willing to follow what the lord wants. When we finally got
to tithing, she had questions except, "How do I pay it?" Were just
like, good question! Hahaha her baptism date will actually be April
19th because of building complications. So that's cool considering its
my birthday. But whatever. I'm not important! She is!

We went to chick-fil-a as you can see, the best place missionaries can
get some fast food :) we also did some service for Abel, the hilarious
guy who's wife is a member and we go over to see him a lot. He can't
help but make a joke or be sarcastic in some fashion every two
seconds. It makes lessons interesting, but always enjoyable. We did
yard work for them in the back, but they barely made us work at all.
Then we went to do service for Jerry, a guy we've been stopping by and
helping a lot who investigated years ago, but didn't join. He loves us
coming over and we helped set up a little play area for his grandkids
in his backyard. He constantly thinks of additional features he can
put back there, so we always have a good time.

Other than all that, life has been pretty normal. Walking and knockin
and talkin. But as Elder Andersen remarked about something Neal A.
Maxwell once said, "if everything is going perfect for you right now,
just wait." I thought that was pretty funny honestly, because we are
here for some hard things and good things. But we never have to be
unhappy and that's fortunate!
I've been constantly trying to evaluate myself and just get along with
others better, because, frankly, it's like the hardest thing ever! But
as Nelson Mandela said, "a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying."
Dale G. Renlund spoke of that in his talk, and boy is that relevant.

I hope you all took the opportunity to have a question at general
conference, because I did, and "the lord can only teach an inquiring
mind." (Sorry about all the conference quotes:) But I think that's
important to remember. The lord only gives if we are constantly
acknowledging him and asking for further light. We can't ever be
content with just staying how we are, though that is comfortable. I'm
not an expert at this, so don't take me wrong. It's like the hardest
thing ever to correct yourself and find what you need to do better.
But I know because of Christ, #BecauseHeLives, it is possible.
Remember that will ya? I know it is true.

Thank you everyone, I love you guys!

Elder Janson

Me and Abel, funniest guy to walk the planet.

Me and Elder Hastings doing that yardwork.

Guess where we are eating ...

Me holding the moon.

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Our district at General Conference.

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