Monday, April 13, 2015

4/13/15 Just doing the work

Dear family and friends,

It's been a pretty awesome week actually. Our fast and testimony
meeting was yesterday and it was probably the best I've been too in
awhile. A little 9 year old kid Bennett got up and bore his testimony.
Oh my gosh it was hilarious. He told "a story" as he put it. He said
one time he was in the shower and the water wasn't hot enough so he
turned the knob just a little and it got really hot! Haha he related
it to just a small sin can "burn us" and make a big effect on us. Oh
my gosh it was awesome. So I got up a couple minutes later and bore my
testimony, part of it in which I expanded on his analogy and said that
our shower knob in our apartment is reversed, so the first time I used
it I couldn't get any hot water! I had to learn that it was opposite.
So I said sometimes the world makes good look evil, and evil look
good. I thought it was pretty clever :). It was such a good Sunday.

This week Elder Vang from Fairfield 1st ward came to my area on
exchanges. It was such a good one! We finally went to an area near the
Air Force base where I had never been for my whole time here and met a
referral we had there. And it rained for the first time in forever! It
never rains here, and there's a huge drought that's getting bad, I
call this place a desert. Anyways, after eating a bunch of Hmong food
with Elder Vang's member and the other two elders, we went to go see
some members. One of them is the Chanhsy's who actually were home and
let us in the give their kids a blessing. They rarely have been
available. Sis Chanhsy was so glad we could do that. Sometimes our
random visits make a difference!

Me and Elder Hastings had an amazing unexpected lesson one night this
week. It was with Gracie, a young mom who we can't get ahold of
easily. She happened to let us in her garage for awhile to talk. Then
unexpectedly her 20 year old niece drives up, named Mimi. She sits
downs and talks to us for awhile. And then her cousin Marco drives up,
who has been previously interested. Then her other cousin, and her
daughter's friend's mom! And then a couple they know! People just kept
coming and going and asking us the usual, "what are you guys!?"
questions. It was a pretty cool experience and we showed her and Marco
the "Because He Lives" video. They were super chill with us. At the
end of the lesson Gracie goes to me and says, "I do hugs!" Then she
just hugs me and I awkwardly hug/not really. Then Mimi, the 20 year
old comes and hugs me and Hastings. Hastings just stood really
awkwardly Hahahaha. They told us we need to work on our hugs, and of
course we explained the reasoning for our lousy hugs. They then
freaked out and high fives exclaiming, "we hugged Mormons!"

I'm excite to hear about Jaden's mission call to Boise, Idaho! Haha I
love it! Where's a map!? That's a singles ward reference by the way.
Good luck bro!

I finished Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage this week. Wow. I have
never read a more comprehensive and unmistakable testimony of the
divinity of our savior. Reading those inspired words by a past apostle
can really help any of us strengthen our own knowledge and testimony
of why we really need a savior, and why Christ did what He did when He
was on the earth. I urge you all to check it out, and use it in your

I just want to leave my testimony that two modern witnesses and
prophets have also proclaimed. That He lives! He is there to help us!
That is the sole reason he came to earth! I know that is true and I
hope you all do too.

I love you guys!

Elder Janson

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