Sunday, November 8, 2015

July 20, 2015 Sad end of transfer :(

Hello everybody,

Man was it a sad day! Last night we had our last leadership meeting of
the transfer and it just hit all of us at once who was leaving and
such. Sister Day was the STL in my district and she was awesome and
now she's going home and I'm gonna miss her a bunch. Elder Delgado is
going home as well. And elder Merrell up in Crescent City. I get quite
attached to people quickly and it's the worst! Haha Last Monday when
we had to figure out our own laundry, our dryer didn't work so we
asked the sisters to use theirs and so they ended up just doing it. So
first of all, the fact that the sisters did that is amazing and they
are the best! But that. I got they brought our laundry by and we look
at it and they had folded it! We almost shrunk back in fear/surprise
at such an act of goodness! Hahahaha the pat whole night we couldn't
stop exclaiming THEY FOLDED OUR LAUNDRY! They are truly angels from

So on that note I'm going to miss the missionaries leaving. I mistyped
and sister Saavedra is leaving no Sister Aguilar. Luckily Sister
Aguilar is sticking around along with Sister Asay. It's gonna be
great! Good news for the transfer, our area gets a car! That will be
amazing. Also, my new companion is Elder Smith, and Sis Aguilar tells
me he is funny and weird. Sounds like we will get along. With 30+
missionaries going home and only 22 coming in, the mission gets
smaller again! They ended up closing the entire zone of Woodland and
making it a district in the Davis zone. Now the mission has 12 zones.
That is a crazy change for sure! I am not training though (yet). It
has to happen soon haha.

We had an absolutely hilarious lesson with a guy named Richard we met
outside his house. He is definitely in some type of home for mentally
disabled and we taught him about the Book of Mormon. It was so funny
because he laughs at the most unexpected times. We asked him to read
the first two paragraphs in the intro to the book and upon reading
"Nephites and lamanites" he started laughing hysterically. I tell you
now, that is the only time I have ever full out laughed my hardest in
a lesson. It was the funniest experience ever and I couldn't hold it
in! He is a really funny guy and loves what we have to say, so we
should see him again soon.

It was a crazy week and although I'm kinda bummed about losing people
this transfer, I know the lord has a plan for this zone, and it's our
job to help him. I just hope I can do my best to put my district's
needs and my investigator's needs before my own. I hope we all can
learn to do this Christlike thing as well. It's hard, but that's
exactly why we have him. I know he lives and loves us.

Love you all! Elder Janson

My relief society/district! Sister Asay, Sister Saavedra, Sister
Aguilar, Sister Day, Me, Elder McKinley. I'm gonna miss sister day and
Aguilar and Elder McKinley! :((

When we get bored at a door approach


Me and Sister Titensor, both born in the same hospital... Lived in Hillsboro

 Last sister car photo! We get a car finally this transfer!

Saying bye to these sisters and this Elder. Elder McKinley
awkwardly putting his arm around the sisters but not touching them :))
I'm gonna miss them wayyyy too much

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