Sunday, November 8, 2015

August 10th, 2015 Temple trip

Hello everybody,

Well it was a pretty sweet week. We got to go to the temple on
Wednesday, and had to pay for it with a 4 hour drive up to Medford,
Oregon, the nearest temple to this destitute place! It was very long,
but boy was it fun! We rode with the Fortuna elders, and their bishop
drove the four of us. His name is Bishop Wecker, and he knows so much
about the gospel and the scriptures and the symbols relating to the
temple and everything you can think of! He is also a Freemason, and
knows a lot about symbolism from that. We got to the point of just
asking him to talk about a gospel topic, like baptism, and he would
pick it apart and say every way it is symbolic. My mind was blown!
He's the kind of person that talks so much, but instead of being
annoyed, you want him to keep going after 4 hours! Anyways, the temple
was awesome, and very small! About the size of the Palmyra temple. The
zone temple trips are always fun.

I had the opportunity of giving 3 blessings to the sisters in my
district this week! They just all needed one, Sister Siufanua, the
greenie, was sick. And the other sisters just needed one, probably due
to the craziness of this county hhahaha. Anyways, it was cool to be
able to help them out with that. And one of the sisters wasn't
actually in my district, but they are the Hermanas, who go to church
with us so we see them all the time.

We got to teach Richard again this week, who pretty much describes the
people in Eureka better than I could put in words. He was some mental
problem, and he laughs at all the unexpected times. It is hilarious!
I've emailed about him before, you might remember. Well he's been to
church twice, but he is surprisingly quiet at church, which is
probably good. I swear half the people we talk to you wonder about
their accountability! Haha I'm not trying to be mean, just stating a
fact of Humboldt county. Anyways, everyday brings surprises which is
good for missionary work. It can become rote and boring if you aren't
exciting yourself haha.

Anyways, it was a sweet week, and I hope you all are doing amazing! We
are still up and running up here in the mission. Byron is planning to
be baptized on August 29th, so keep praying for him.

Thanks! Love, Elder Janson

Here's a comical photo from our long drive to Medford. Elder
Sutterfield and Grange.

Some sweet pictures of the west coast while we drove south from
Medford to Eureka again.

The eerie sky due to the fires south of us in Lake County. The sun
was red and dimmed from the smoke.

Some words of wisdom :).

The Zone at Zone meeting

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