Sunday, November 8, 2015

July 27th, 2015 The life is good


It's been a pretty good week for the most part. Elder Smith is a super
goofy kid from San Antonio, Texas. I'm stuck with another Texan.
That's fine. Anyways, we had some interesting experiences of people
yelling at us across the street, and a very sketchy woman who was not
in her right mind asking us for a Book of Mormon. I've heard and seen
some very sketchy things, these being just a couple. It's definitely
an adventure talking to random people on the street up here.

We had some super cool splits with members on Thursday and we had two
lessons simultaneously, which is really the most ideal situation for
that. The members here are way nice and we've been getting fed which
is always a plus. We had a ward picnic out on the peninsula type thing
across the bay from Eureka. It is called Samoa, which I find amusing.
It's nothing like Samoa. Anyways, it was way fun and the Polynesian
guy brother Vainuku in our ward made a whole pig and BBQ chicken for
it. It was fantastic. Great for us missionaries! Then we went to a
wedding reception like right after that, and we had just had our Ward
mission leader correlation and had root beer floats! I was not hungry
for reception food. But I still ate haha.

The district is still a bunch of sisters, but they are all super fun
and love the work. I hope you all are doing awesome, and let me know
how you are doing. I miss you all!

Love, Elder Janson

 Me and Elder Sutterfield at the booming Eureka Mall

Us again chalking with the sisters!

District service!!

Elder Smith being an object lesson in Gospel Principles :)

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