Sunday, November 8, 2015

August 24th, 2015 Service for days!

Hello everybody!

It was a sweet week and we are continuing to help Byron get ready for
his baptism. He has been doing awesome with the word of wisdom and
it's cool to see how he's changed. He's still just crazy Byron but he
is very diligent!

We did an awesome service project up in Trinidad which is way up there
like 30 miles from us. The Mckinleyville sisters invited us all to
help their member blaze a trail from her house down to the beach. I
say down because unlike Florida beaches, there is a huge drop off
right next to the beach. Kinda weird. Haha but it was so fun! There
were like 12 missionaries there and we were all raking and pulling and
hoeing everything to make it. We didn't do it all but it was sweet!

I have pictures from our hike up at Strawberry Rock which is around
that same place. It was super fun!

At one of our lessons this week with a member and her recent convert
grandson who is like 10, we had fun playing on her old people scooter
haha. It was quite hilarious. He is pretty cool but we just got to
help him get out to church because his grandma isn't always in the
best health to go. He's definitely rambunctious.

Met a guy who was pretty interesting. He had his records removed a
while back but is super cool with us and loves having us over. We
talked about his views and he has some issues with the church that I
think are lame but I shouldn't judge haha. He's pretty funny and
introduced us to all of the people in his little neighborhood he
called the ghetto. Haha we met one of his neighbors named Desirae and
her son Oliver who is blind but they want a Braille Book of Mormon!
Pretty sweet. We are going to keep meeting them!

Well I love all of you and hope your week is sweet! Keep strong in the
faith my people!

Love, Elder Janson

 Out on strawberry rock with the other missionaries!

Me and Sister Asay matching tie/scarf at district meeting. Sister
Aguilar gave them to us

The place called Humboldt county that s lot of people think is
beautiful... It's alright haha

Us playing on old people scooter

More strawberry rock

Our service in Trinidad (last four pictures)

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