Sunday, November 8, 2015

August 17th, 2015 Alright!

Hello family!

Well today marks my 11 month mark out on the mission! Pretty exciting
huh? You know what that means!? Nothing it just means I have a lot
left :). Haha anyways we had a sweet week! I got a sweet package from
the family and the Burkes I love you guys!

We had a blitz, which is where a lot of missionaries go to one
missionaries area for about 2 hours and go work there to help out that
companionship. It was pretty fun as always! It was for the Eureka 1st
ward, the sisters in my district. It was the bomb diggety fun! We met
this lady who had talked to missionaries and said it would be fine to
have the sisters by again. What was funny about this lady was she had
a pet.... Pig! Haha and when we asked her name she said, "Emmy" and
brilliant Elder Moua who I was with thought she said "Hammy." So he
says, "come here hammy!" Hahaha we were laughing so hard. It was
pretty fun as we went about walking making dumb songs and raps. I
haven't changed a whole lot in that aspect.

Saturday night was the most fun though! We decided to go out and see
one potential we had way out in the outskirts of Eureka. It was a
sweet drive out there. Then we went to go see a member we didn't know,
and it was WAY out there! Before we knew it we were out on some
country road between these hills covered in Redwoods! It was so
awesome!!! I love hills and creepy forests at night! Haha it was a
great adventure. Didn't even know we had that cool stuff in our area.
We were disappointed when we had to go back to the town of Eureka. But
that's all good. I show some pictures of that.

We're going out to Strawberry rock to go hiking today! It's way up
north past mckinleyville and we got a member to riders up there. It's
gonna be awesome! A bunch of missionaries are going to go hiking. You
know that will be crazy.

Anyways, continuing to help Byron get ready for baptism. He quit
smoking Friday! He's doing well and your prayers are appreciated. You
all are the best!

Love, Elder Janson

 Hammy, I mean Emmy the pig!

A cool table our members have

The view of the majestic redwoods as we went on our middle of
nowhere excursion. Dark, but you get the point.

A totally knarly covered bridge we crossed!!!

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