Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 8, 2016 Miracle week

Hey family and everyone!

Well it's now the last week of the transfer. We find out this Saturday
who stays or leaves next Tuesday. I'm unreasonably nervous for it this
time. For some reason I've had a lot of dreams I'm staying here for 6
months and I gotta keep my streak going of 4.5 months in every area!
Haha I'm ready to move on but we will see.

Monday night we had the funniest dinner! We had this big salad with
crazy dressing and chicken. It was at the Enfields and they have like
4 girls and 1 boy. We both had finished eating when their girl says,
"why is there a slug in my salad??" The mom says "that's not a slug..
Oh wait it is..." Hahaha there was probably about a one inch slug in
the lettuce! Good thing we had finished eating! When we left we
thanked them for the slug salad :).

We continue to see Ron and Wendy, and we realized they need to pray
about the Book of Mormon. We had asked him if he had and he said no!
This is the investigator who comes every week with his wife and knows
more deep doctrine than most of us. And he hasn't prayed to know the
BOM to be true! We just threw down on how important that is and
challenged to explicitly ask. Sometimes that is the hardest thing for
people, learning to get personal revelation like we talked about in
elders quorum.

We have been finding lots of new investigators for the YSA sisters
here and they are thrilled! We had taught this guy Chiko and his
friend the whole restoration and they both took a BOM. So we went back
with the sisters and they taught a lesson with us there. After it,
they said, "we haven't taught an investigator lesson in 2 weeks! Haha
so we were glad to help them out. We also have taught the girl Breanna
who lives with our members and she doesn't want to meet with the
sisters in YSA! We are like.. Ok we can teach you but you need to have
them teach you eventually. She insists we teach her I guess. But she
is wanting to be baptized so we've seen so many doors open and people
talk to us. I'm convinced it's just because we keep trying!

Saturday night is when we taught Breanna, then later we found a
family! This Hispanic lady Alicia and her two kids. We gave them two
BOMs and are seeing them tomorrow! Again another open door after only
two knocked doors after our previous lesson. Pretty crazy. Last
miracle was last night was clearly the super bowl, and we knocked on a
former investigators door, Marie, and there's like 15 people there
partying and watching the game and drinking, and they all say, "come
in!" Haha so we went in and met them and watched the last ten minutes
of the super bowl, plus talked to the investigator for like an hour, I
count that as a miracle! Haha she's baptist and not changing anytime
soon, but it was sick!

One tragic thing did happen. The man me and Elder Thomas baptized,
Byron, passed away this week. He was only about 31. All I know is his
heart stopped and they found him behind a store in Eureka. I saw it on
Facebook and contacted Elder Thomas. I was thinking out of two people
I have been there to baptize, one is now in the spirit world. It's
crazy to think, but I am comforted in knowing his effort and where he
is. I know he is learning more, and who knows, maybe I could do his
temple work!

I know this gospel is true, and that the Book of Mormon is the book
that will bring in the most power to change us, and I can see it
changing me and others as they apply it and the gospel of Christ, our
beloved savior. I love him, and love you all.

Elder Janson

 Elder Adamson fixing our hoop in the stake center haha

Us picking oranges for members in the stake

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