Tuesday, August 16, 2016

March 14, 2016 Service Y'all

Hello people,

This week was interesting, we did a bunch of service for this
organization called Just Between Friends, which is some kind of
consignment sale for children's clothing and toys, etc. we just helped
them with moving heavy stuff, sales, and "security." Haha we wore
security shirts every time we went for some reason, mainly for fun.
I'm sure everyone felt very secure with us there. Anyways, we did a
bunch of that this week and had fun with Elder Boam, an Elder in
Peterson lane, (my Greenie area!) who is absolutely hilarious. He is
just always full of energy and talking, it takes getting used to but
he's a great guy.

Last Monday we had to do service at like 4 which sucked, but we did
it. A sort of investigator is having to move out of his current
residence and his only option right now really is this old trailer out
in Bennett valley area, right outside of Santa Rosa. It has a great
view of the vineyards and hills, but this mobile home is nasty! All we
did last Monday was rip out walls, insulation, anything, because there
is so much black mold and leaks and so since he is desperate, he is
trying to clean it and fix it up within weeks. We got fiberglass all
in our eyes and arms for like a day and it itched haha. It was one of
the worst service projects I've done because of that! But it was
definitely different. His name is John and we are trying to meet with
him, but it is hard to do so. He is trying to get back on his feet
right now, he has been through a lot.

This week we taught less lessons for sure, but we are working on it.
It doesn't help the work when it has been raining for like 2 weeks
straight. Luckily we have a car or this would really be difficult!
(Slight emperor's new groove joke :). Everyone we see is like, "wow
you are out in such bad weather." And we are like, yup you bet we are!
Haha I don't know what to say to dumb stuff like that. But it is fun,
this area has needed rain so I suppose it is good. It's weird here
cause the dry season is the summer, virtually the opposite of Florida.
Everyone here is pretty wimpy when it comes to weather too haha. They
look at us without jackets when it's like 55 and they are like,
"aren't you cold!?" "Where are you from? Utah?" Nope Florida! Then
they get really confused haha.

It has been a week of lots of cancelled lessons, and things of the
sort. But we carry on on nonetheless. I hope we can all remember
Christ this upcoming Easter, and if you haven't already, check out the
#Hallelujah initiative going on online the church just launched
yesterday. Go to followhim.mormon.org. This video is better than the
Christmas one in my opinion, and if I have an opinion that's usually
pretty awesome. :) haha anyways love you all! Have a wonderful week.

Elder Janson

Us at the Just Between Friends children's sale. We are the best security

All the kids stuff!

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