Friday, May 15, 2015

4/20/15 Birthday and Baptism

Family and Friends,

It's been quite the week! I just want to say thanks to everyone who
sent things for my birthday and sent me emails. It was really a nice
birthday that I was surprised with! The members here all somehow knew
it was my birthday. Brother Coakwell in priesthood even announced it
haha. I was pretty confused. Apparently Sister Brown in our ward is
quite the missionary mom and practically stalks us! Which is cool I
guess. So I got a birthday cake and I got sang to as well. Can't
complain about nothin!

Brother Van Weerd took us to Chick-fil-a the other day. Him and his
wife are retired and do everything to help the missionaries, they do
our laundry!! Anyone who does that is blessed! Anyways, he took us to
Chick-fil-a and as he's about to pay he doesn't have his wallet. So he
goes out to his car and we stand there awkwardly. Turns out he had
lost his wallet while on the air base and so we were about to cancel
the order, when some random lady says, "I'll pay for them." Holds out
her card, and there ya go. Bro Van Weerd, being who he is, was not too
happy with himself. But he found his wallet later that day. Man we
felt bad!! But we still don't know who this mystery lady is. She said
to Bro Van Weerd, "Don't worry, it's military free day. It's Mormon
free day." It was crazy! But a cool little experience.

So of course, the big event was Dominique's baptism yesterday,
which happened to be my first birthday on the mission and my first
baptism as well. It was so crazy!!!! The room was so full of
supportive members, who all already know her because she's been to
church so many times. It's so good to have the members be the
fellowshippers and not us. We will be gone! She is set up perfectly
and everyone already loves her. The spirit was so strong during the
entire service and it was not what I expected! I'm so glad to have
been a part of her making such an amazing choice p, and with such
willingness and decisiveness! She surely will see the blessings all
through her life because of it. Thank you all for your prayers for

It's been so good this week and we are lucky missionaries! But I know
it's all the Lord's doing. Without him, our work is hopeless! I thank
you all for your support and love, and wish you the best week ever!

Love, Elder Janson

Dominique, Elder Hastings and me.

 On the right is Bro. Nelson and his wife. He is the Ward mission
leader and is a pretty goofy guy.

Sister Nelson and Dominique. Sister Nelson invited Dominique to
church when she went through Dominique's line at Walmart, and here we
are now!

 Sister Olmstead spoke at Dominique's baptism. Apparently she knew
my Mom and Dad in Oregon!

 A member gave me two water guns for my birthday...

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