Friday, May 15, 2015

05/12/15 Temple Day


It was a pretty. Crazy week full of things that could be super
annoying. I have found out that I'm getting a little better at dealing
with stress, because if all of this happened at home, I would be
exploding inside!

Our car has to be fixed, a little scratch on the back that no elders
have ever taken care of. And our little key remote thing is broken.
And our phone is dead as of Saturday. So we have trouble doing much at
all. Now Elder Vang from Fairfield 1st ward is leaving, so his
companion Elder Young is going to live with us, so we have to merge
areas for a little. It's not going to be easy! Needless to say, it's
been a mentally hard week. It's the worst.

We also got a device called a Tiwi in every mission car. It is a
little box that basically yells at you if you speed, or turn to fast,
or go over a bump too fast, or brake too fast, or do ANYTHING too
fast. But it's not too bad. I guess it's for good. You know exactly who
is driving what car, and where the car is at all times! It's crazy.

So the other night three girls asked to take a picture with us! It was
super weird but we figured, why not!? So we took a picture with them.
They probably know kids in our ward.

If you don't know the song called Fragile on the website,
check it out! It is SO GOOD!!! I'm kind of obsessed with it haha but
the girl has such a good voice! We play it over and over in the
apartment :)

All I have to say is that prayer is for real! Last night we got out of
the car and we usually pray in the car but I forgot. So I about
shrugged it off, but then I got a super strong prompting to pray right
there on the street to help us find. What happens? The next two doors
who we have tried to see all transfer, both answer! We have a return
lesson for a guy and his wife, and left a blessing with them. Then we
prayed again and saw our super cool potential who has a friend at BYU
and he wants to learn and see us next week. It was all in like 15
minutes! Prayer is for real everyone. Heavenly Father will answer, but
it requires effort on our part. It is amazing how he cares for all of
us. I know it's true!

Love all of you

Elder Janson

 Me and Achal

Picture of temple with Elder Kesler awkwardly there.

Oakland, then San Francisco in background.

Sis Majors, Me, Sis Harper. Coolest Sisters ever!!

Fairfield Zone

Big boy Elder Young


Me posing at Oakland temple

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