Monday, May 18, 2015

05/18/15 Visiting the Jelly Belly Factory (and other stuff)


So first order of crazy business. Elder Vang who was going home this transfer anyways, went home a couple weeks early for family reasons. So Elder Young, the tall guy in my pics is now in our tiny studio apartment, and now we are a trio! And instead of just covering Fairfield 2nd ward we now also cover 1st for a little. So needless to say we have no free time, which is not bad, but it's hectic! Elder Young is one of the funniest guys I've ever met, and is an amazing worker and loves talking to people. He's in the Army so that helps too. It's funny because he's driving now and he drives so slow it's comical. The thing is as missionaries we usually don't need to drive fast, because we got all day! Anyways, we spend a lot of our last night hours of the day laughing at all of the random things we found hilarious. If any of you are familiar with the "secret knock" from the Lego Movie, it is simply one loud knock. So we've tried it at some doors, loudly proclaiming it is the secret knock! Some people don't really appreciate it too much :) one lady yelled at us, "I don't like the way your knockin! Go away!" Hahaha we didn't let that one go for awhile. Elder Young calls the sisters in our district every night, and that call consists of us telling them all of our crazy funny experiences. I'm sure we bug them.

So besides that, it's been such a good week. One day at studies Elder Huff showed us a good talk by Stephen R. Covey. It is called "Teaching our children to pray." It comments on the fact that sometimes we have the conflict in our minds on the difference between conscience and the spirit. He explains that most often when we feel the spirit, it speaks through our conscience! If it inspires us to do good, it is of God and it is inspiration of the Holy Ghost. That is the way he works. So we don't need to think super hard about whether it comes form God or us. God works through our thoughts, as well as through others. I definitely know that is true. Recently I've tried to write impressions right after I pray at night. I just write simple feelings or things I think I need to do for me, my companions, and investigators. It works wonders! You all should try it, because as we show our willingness to write and put forth effort to listen to God, he will speak to us. We are promised all over the scriptures with that blessing.

I know the gospel is true, and the Book of Mormon is true! It is invigorating to testify of that truth to so many each day. It brings peace to my life and I know it can bring peace to you as well. Hopefully we have a baptism in 1st ward soon, a girl named Alanna who is about 12 I think. She is in a part member family, and clearly has made this choice for herself. Her testimony is amazing! One with a testimony can influence others more than they think.

I love you all!

Elder Janson

 Three guys holding three male birds

We did just a little karaoke hahaha

A nice roast pig we had fun with

Jelly Belly Factory!

 Portrait out of jelly beans

 Me and Elder Huff!

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