Friday, May 15, 2015

5/4/15 Doing Work

Dear Family and friends,

It's been a new week and of driving a car in our area and being
rejected a lot! Hahaha But Elder Achal is pretty cool. He's from
Calgary, Alberta, and he still has sufficient greenie fire as we call
it. He's not afraid to work! We started the week with 0 investigators
and now have 1 progressing investigator and 2 new ones! We've just
gone out and worked and knocked doors even though sometimes it felt
worthless. I think Saturday night we were knocking and no one was
answering and it seemed like a waste of time. But we knocked one more
door, and this guy let us in and talked for an hour about his daughter
and son and how he coached his daughter in soccer for years and talked
about his dog and anything else you can think of that would make me
tired to listen to. But it was so cool once we said a blessing on his
home. We both said some of the prayer, (according to his request) and
it was so powerful. He said he truly believes when one or two are
gathered in Christ's name the spirit is there. He said he had
goosebumps in our prayer, and committed to church in a very solid way!
Sadly he did not come, but we are going to see him tomorrow. It was a
reward for our whole day of absolutely no one listening to us! Haha
one guy who said come back earlier we went to go visit. At first we
thougt they would let us in, but then his friend comes out and says,
"are they still here?? Oh guys you gotta leave, were Christian!" SLAM.
haha oh my gosh the struggle was real. But it was all worth it when we
met Bruce who I spoke of before.

We were able to do service for a guy with one leg who was moving from
one apartment in town to another. Fairfield 1st Ward elders asked us
to help, and we got there and didn't know quite what to do! He thought
we would have a truck. Elder Vang explained that we are pretty much
worthless accept for providing labor. :). But we were able to help
anyways and it was awesome.

So good news is that we have been solid running every morning, not
lazy walking like I have been for months. So I might not get too fat
now, don't worry. We also contacted a couple teenagers who were out
playing ball in the neighborhood, and ended up talking to them for
like an hour and shooting a couple shots. They knew a couple kids from
our ward and one black half Asian guy who's name was Joseph (so he was
cool) said he had read some of the Book of Mormon. They were so open
to us and said we looked good in our "suits."

Overall, it was such a busy and good week. And you all for your
prayers and support as we are out here. We have it pretty comfortable
when it comes to lifestyle, but it's still hard when absolutely no one
wants to hear you speak haha. It's not quite that bad but we are
working hard. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Janson

 Me and Elder Achal's wearing Abel's old jackets!

Elder Achal looking out towards the castle on the hill!

Me pondering on the hill with a castle on it.

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