Friday, May 15, 2015

4/27/15 Transfer Week!

Hey hey hey!

Well it's already been two transfer for me here in Fairfield 2nd ward.
It's crazy I feel like it's been just a little bit! I love this ward!
The Ward is full of young Air Force families who are super solid and a
lot are so willing to help us with whatever we have needed. But now we
don't need rides anymore... Because this area finally got a car! Elder
Hastings is going to be a zone leader up in Ukiah, the land of
hillbillies! Haha he will do great. I'm getting a newer elder named
Elder Achal who apparently was born in Canada and is Indian? Haha
sounds sweet! He has been about 4 months, so it will be a different
experience being the senior companion. I hope I know what I'm doing,
for his sake haha. But I'm definitely excited for the change.

Elder Hastings and I had a bit of a slow week, considering we baptized
our only solid investigator, so that leaves this area with not too
many options! Me and Achal will have to exercise some faith in finding
to find new people, and have the Ward work with us well as they did
with Dominique. Me and Elder Hastings had some ridiculous jokes, which
anyone who knows me probably knows what I mean. Most of our jokes
include like three inside jokes sandwiched into one song or rap that
we make up. It's definitely been an entertaining two transfers. His
chair has slowly been deteriorating as one of the metal legs has been
bending when he leans back in it. I got to witness one of the funniest
looking scenes when he went to sit down and the chair just collapsed
backwards, him with it, as the leg finally gave in. I was laughing for
about 5 minutes at that one. Other than that, I'm thankful for
everything he taught me, even though he's a lot different than me in
some ways. That's the beauty of it!

Other than all that, nothing much more is happening around here. Our
stake here had a gigantic garage sale type thing at the stake center,
where a bunch of members donated stuff they didn't need to it, and the
youth helped provide the work at the actual event this past Saturday,
which was a community garage sale to raise money for youth camps. We
were there for a lo time just to talk to people and help and let them
talk to us if they were interested. It was nice to also get some good
food they provided! It was such a huge sale covering the whole half of
the parking lot, and they showed quite some teamwork cleaning it up
after so it was ready for Sunday. Just shows what the combined efforts
of many can do.

So if you all could just pray for me and my new companion, as we go
about in this area. I know as we put forth our small amount of work
compared to God, he will make up the rest. That is how he works! For
we are only capable of so much. I love the savior and love testifying
of him daily and seeing those who are ready accept his grace into
their lives. The atonement is a real power, and it is undeniable. I
know this church is true, and the book is blue!

I love you all,

Elder Janson

Us after a good time at the driving range this morning. I didn't do
totally horrible.

Zone Pictures for end of the transfer!

Found this hilarious picture in the new era this month. Just wanted
to brighten some days :)

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