Tuesday, January 12, 2016

August 31, 2015 Training!!!

Hello family.

Holy moly I am so excited this week! Transfers this week it turns out
I'm staying up here in Eureka and Elder smith did an in-zone transfer
only to Fortuna which is like super close, about 20 miles. It's way
funny because he is still in my district, but isn't my companion now.
But I'm getting to train a GREENIE! Haha when I saw it I freaked out
and was super happy. It's cool because we go down tomorrow to
transfers in Santa Rosa and we meet all the greenies, then stay the
night in Rosa and on Wednesday we know who our trainee is. It's gonna
be awesome!! It's weird Elder Smith came and left so fast, but that's
what happens! With this coming transfer I will have served in every
one of my areas for 4.5 months. I'm still only in my third area, which
is not too usual. But I'm ready man!

This week was full of stuff and flew by. On Tuesday I went on
exchanges with the ZLs and one of them is my past companion (the black
one haha) Elder Hastings. I went with him to his area in the YSA ward
up here at Humboldt State university. What a sad place haha. It's
really not that bad, but apparently they get a lot of crap from
students, but what's new huh? It was fun and we got to go to
institute, and I witnessed the tiniest institute building ever! It was
a two story house and it has all the little rooms like a house would.
It's kinda weird and the classroom is tiny. There were like 8 of us in
the class. It's different up here for sure.

So Byron's baptismal date changed to be this upcoming Saturday on the
5th. It was only due to scheduling his baptismal interview which we
couldn't do until last Saturday so we just rescheduled it not to rush
things. It's nice I didn't get transferred so I still get to be here
for it. And that darn greenie gets a baptism his first week! But he
also gets the area with the most crazy people. :)). Byron is doing
awesome and hasn't smoked for over two weeks now. He's gained quite a
bit of weight in that time! Haha a member is baptizing him so I don't
have to drop him in the water or something. I don't think I could lift
that man out of the water! Anyways, the ward is really excited for it
and it's going well.

We went on splits, kind of, considering only the elders quorum
president came out with us, so we were a trio on Wednesday night for
our lessons. We went to go spree these members who are super nice and
actually have a clean house! They gave us cake and ice cream and gave
me the largest piece of cake I've ever seen. I did not finish that and
I don't finish things to be polite. Because I think it's more polite
not to barf on their carpet. It was this gross Costco cake! Haha
speaking of Costco I had no idea what that was before my mission.
Apparently everyone loves it here.

Well I'll send some pictures of the greenie next week. We can see how
scared he is of me. Haha thank you all for your support! Love you all!

Elder Janson

Found a cute Pomeranian at a members home named Elvis. Looks like
a sane Carmine but all black haha

The picture of the district!

 Zone pictures...

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