Tuesday, August 16, 2016

April 4, 2016 Conference Week!

Hello everyone!

Well transfer info came the other day, and I was really bummed to have
to have Elder Green leave, he is going to Vacaville as zone leader so
I told him all about the stake and such. He is excited to be with his
"son" who he trained. They are zone leaders together! Crazy. I am
getting Elder Pike, and I was not excited about that. I've heard
things about him but I'm trying to not be judge mental and I'm sure I
will be fine. No matter how weird someone is I usually am a "weirdness
amplifier" as I call it. I make everyone just a bit more weird! Haha
we will have fun here in Shiloh park ward. We are getting two greenies
in our zone so that's always an adventure. You never know what you
will get!

Random fact, I learned to solve a Rubik's cube now from Elder Bishop
who I went on exchanges with. Elder Sherman is his companion and he is
a Rubik's cube master, he can do it in like 45 seconds. I can do it
now in 1 minute 52 seconds, not too bad eh!? It was fun to learn and
is good stress relief haha. Exchanges is always fun to go to a
different area or different companion and just get out the normal rut
which digs deep in mission life. Ruts acquire fast out here! You have
to be able to adapt and accept new things. More easily said than done.

We had an incredible lesson with Sheri Haverfield, who confirmed she
wants to be baptized on April 16th! That's right around the corner, so
her husband, a member, is very excited. She is so willing and is
reading and came to watch some general conference yesterday. Such a
good place for investigators to be! Old people are sometimes just
better at teaching 😏. It is amazing to see someone so prepared by the
Lord as she is, and the spirit is so strong when someone is willing
like her. We will keep working with her. Conference was an amazing
opportunity, it's interesting to see how they change over the years,
with just minor details you notice, many talks were shorter and very
focused. Our prophet Thomas s. Monson is getting harder to watch, he
is getting old but I know he is still the one chosen to lead us. Not
too many more amazing people than that man. I was amazed to find all
questions I brought to conference pretty much answered in the first
session. I was like, wow! The first talk answered my most personal,
pressing question. I know that's why we have it, as an opportunity to
have personal revelation regarding what they say, and regarding the
fact that they are called of God. I know all what we heard was
prepared by the spirit, and I hope we received by the spirit. I know
Christ lives and he leads this church, the only true and living
church. It is a blessing to be a part of it and learn to love everyone
regardless of their beliefs and customs. Differences are a part of
life, so you better get used to it! Anyways, I love you all and have a
great week!

Elder Janson

 The beautiful countryside of Santa Rosa!

Sister Christianson came out on the mission with us and now she is
dying! (Going home) wow we are old...

 Most of the zone with our amazing #hallelujah shirts! Haha don't judge.

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