Tuesday, August 16, 2016

March 21, 2016 Officially 18 months out ... Weird

Yo fam and friends!

Well you saw it, I am 18 months out on the mission, and I'm a little
confused how the heck I'm this far out, but I shall just continue
forward, the only thing I can do! Me and Elder Green of course came
out together so we are on the same track here. We are realizing this
won't last forever. (When you first come out you are pretty sure you
just signed your whole life away, it feels so long). So we are trying
to make the best of every day. Sometimes the temptation is to waste
time, but I hope we minimize that.

So first of all, we did a bunch more service, the best of which was
freakin taming little baby goats! Literally the cutest things on the
planet. It was for a member in Peterson lane ward, my first area, and
he has a farm on the outside on Santa Rosa. We also herded his goats
into the area in the pics so they will eat the grass, because they are
dumb and have to be forced to eat it. We were literally running after
goats. We also helped a lot of people move this week and helped this
guy who's mom is a member but not him, we helped him build a deck out
in the back yard. It was some good stuff! This week we had to get an
oil change, and we figured oh we'd be fine bringing it in an hour
before dinner, which we did. Well an hour and a half later they tell
us, "oh sorry it took so long we stripped the plug!" It was the
longest wait ever and we were almost an hour late to dinner... Luckily
the family was cool with it, we had a wonderful St Patrick's meal with
them :).

We were able to take a priest out with us last night to see Diego, our
new investigator who we set a baptismal date for May 14th. He is an 18
year old kid who's family is Catholic but he is way open minded and
has already started reading the Book of Mormon. It was an amazing
lesson, especially for the priest, Justin we brought with us.
The spirit was strong for real and he just wants to know how the
message will affect him. Well perfect! Hopefully we can keep working
with him.

Something crazy that happened this week was something we were not
there for. The elders quorum and other guys in our ward meet Thursday
nights for basketball at the church. This time in one timeout one of
the men fell down and was having a heart attack. Two guys in our ward
immediately realized it and started CPR on him, which surely saved his
life as paramedics could come. It was cool to see the ward so happy
and unified yesterday as it was discussed. That is one reason I love
the church, is the unity it inspires and the support everyone has.
Some against the church may argue, but clearly they are not willing to
see the plainness right before them. No one is forgotten here, and I
certainly hope we don't ever purposefully ignore someone in our group
or stewardship. I know this gospel is true and Christ truly only
encourages unity, primarily in the family, which is the core unit, and
will be probably the presiding unit in the celestial kingdom. It's
that important! I love you all and hope you the best upcoming week
towards Easter. I know Christ lives and I love him.

Elder Janson

Us at the mall last Monday. Yes I am wearing a sweet map shirt!

 We legitimately helped a member tame and herd his goats...
Literally the best service ever

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