Tuesday, August 16, 2016

April 18, 2106 Zone Conference Week

Hello everyone!

Well it was a crazy week of lots of things going on. Went on exchanges
with Elder Bishop who goes home in about a month but is doing pretty
good and ain't getting too trunky! We blew gigantic bubbles like in
the video I sent with the Leclere's, a recently baptized couple who
are so solid! And Bro Leclere always is thinking of funny new ways to
be outside of the box, like extremely large bubbles.

We had zone conference on Thursday, which was just a long training
meeting with four zones in Santa Rosa and San Rafael. It went well,
but me and Elder Pike both had an eerie feeling after. Like it just
didn't lift us spiritually and we didn't feel good like we normally do
after such meetings. We figured not EVERY meeting can be spiritually
mind blowing for everyone, but I was worried about it and told some
other missionaries who said they felt that way. I've been feeling some
discouragement that is so irrational it can only be from Satan trying
to make me stop. He is always employing "plan-stoppers" so we don't
progress and so we aren't happy. But knowing he is doing it doesn't
eliminate the problem, it is still hard to have bad discouraging
thoughts never come. I hope we can work on bringing uplifting
thoughts, which almost always involve serving and helping others.

On the bright side I felt great yesterday and for the first time in
forever (sorry for the accidental "Frozen" reference) I actually felt
like contacting people! Usually this implies just talking to random
people on the streets, which frankly can be scary, awkward, but then
sometimes hilarious. You never know what someone will say. I was just
glad I actually felt like going and talking and sharing with people.
Most said they weren't interested. One man who we walked up to in his
garage, we said hi to and reached to shake his hand as we popped open
a beer. He then says "no thanks." Then I say "no thanks what?" Haha we
literally had only said hi. Sometimes I like to shake things up a bit.
He looked confused but then realized what he had said. Haha he wasn't
interested of course. But it was fun to go out and try our best seeing
people anyways.

I just hope you all know I love you all, and those returned
missionaries I've added on here, I love you guys and miss you!! :( but
I know you will all do great. I know this gospel is true and feel it
confirmed as I seek for that confirmation. It can bless us so much
when we reach out to grab the savior's hand, which is "stretched out
still." Have a good week!

Elder Janson

 Holding goats!

Me and Elder Nordfelt pretending to bug Elder Pike

Elder Searle, Elder Johnson, and Me.
Searle was Johnsons first companion, so his dad. I was Johnsons second
companion, so his mom. So that makes me and Searle husband and wife,
so we always say Elder Johnson was conceived in the MTC. Hahaha
mission jokes

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