Tuesday, August 16, 2016

April 11, 2016 I'm with Picky Pike!

Family and friends,

You heard me, I'm companions with Picky Pike! A nickname we made up at
a dinner with a member. The reason being is he is allergic to wheat,
oats, pork, milk, and white potatoes. Like what!? Haha weird stuff. So
dinners are interesting, I may get fat on rice this transfer. Anyways,
he is an interesting guy, but at least he knows Star Wars! So we have
fun with that haha. He is a massage therapist, like legit, nationally
certified. Already took advantage of that haha. He is 25 and doesn't
quite look that old! It's going good though and he is weird, so I get
along with him well :).

The day after Pike got here he got permission to go all the way down
to Vallejo for a baptism! I had never driven or been down there, so it
was an adventure until we hit what I call inevitable California
traffic, because there are too many people and not enough freeways. To
get to some major places you have to take small highways that EVERYONE
takes. This is a terrible place when it comes to that. People need to
move away from here haha. But we went down Wednesday night for that
baptism and made it like 5 minutes before she was actually dunked, so
we were grateful. Then on back to Santa Rosa we went!

So funny thing, I sent you all the "Hello" by Adele parody, it's the
missionaries knocking and singing, it is wonderful haha I love it and
just look at the faces of the people they knock into. It is perfect!!
I've gotten so much on my mission the face that is like, "what are
doing here?" Or "I'm going to smile but have a pained look on my face
at the same time because I don't want to talk to you" look. Hahah it
is wonderful. Another funny thing is not counting the APs in our zone,
who both weigh a lot haha, I am almost the heaviest person in the
zone. Me and Elder Bishop are about the same. Like seriously!?
Everyone here is super skinny, the new Greenie who came in with Elder
jones is like 130 pounds and 5' 10". It's quite sad I'm the fattest

We had an incredible lesson with this guy named Brett yesterday after
church. Members in our ward help him get around as he is mostly stuck
in the Redwood Gospel Mission, a sort of rehab housing. He was a
member but lost his membership and wants to come back. We taught him
the restoration and he is such an amazing person! I love him already
and barely and have talked relatively little with him. He certainly
has intent to repent and return to Christ and the church. I know the
atonement covers anyone, even those who have made mistakes that even
cause excommunication, that is not the end! I'm so grateful for people
like him that make the work worth it. The spirit is what makes me the
happiest when I'm out here, and church yesterday was like a power
punch of the spirit! Good stuff.

I love you all and hope you don't mind it is still about 65 degrees
here :). Hope you have a splendid week!

Elder Janson

 The beautiful vineyards of Windsor, California!

 Elder Pike, new comp

Us playing with swords! The Mormon prom theme was medieval haha

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