Tuesday, August 16, 2016

March 28, 2106 Easter and Goats

Hello and happy Easter!

We had a great day yesterday and had a ginormous ham with the members
we ate with, we didn't even finish half of it with the whole family.
It was a great Sunday with the messages so centered on Christ, it was
amazing. On Tuesday we went and saw Sheri who has a date set for
April. She is so willing and is reading and her husband who is a
member is quite fired up about the lessons and we sit down and he's
like, "well let's get studying!" Haha he is something else. She said
she doesn't know if she will be ready to be baptized so Elder jones
who I was with on exchanges with simply read the baptismal interview
questions. She felt a lot better, since you really don't need to know
much to be baptized! Hopefully she can free up her Sunday's to make it
to church.

As you can see, we participated in taming little baby goats. My little
goat I picked up and held was a black one with a bit of white on it,
who I named Squishy. Cutest thing on earth. What we did was literally
just hold them until they fell asleep, and when they wake up in your
arms they are more tame, so simple! We just get them used to us. And
I'm pretty good at speaking goat. I've done service around chickens
and goats, and let me tell you goat poop smells a lot better then
chicken haha. It was a blast! Then later that day we go to help build
a deck for this guy with Elder Jones and Boam in Peterson lane ward.
We are breaking up some old semi wooden beams and just smashing them
in with a bar. One was almost broken so I decide to break it on my
knee, not seeing the screw facing down towards my knee sticking out of
the beam. Of course I thrust down, Elder jones tried to warn me but I
did it too soon. The crazy thing is I didn't know I basically stabbed
myself until he pointed at above my knee and blood is just pouring
down! I'm so lucky because I literally didn't stick myself through the
shorts, it just made me bleed under them, which I still don't
understand... I should have just impaled my leg but instead it was
just like a prick.

We went to the Sjodens in our ward, and they were dying Easter eggs.
So we just joined and I got the amazing eggs you see in the picture,
along with breakfast for two days. Good deal I think. I put my
initials on one because why not. The Sjodens are the coolest members
ever, and their son came to church for the first time basically,
yesterday. It was cool to see them so happy to have him there. This
week was full of just service and it was a nice change. We are still
working with Diego who we set a date with, but weren't able to meet
with him this week. I hope we can keep our motivation up this last
week of the transfer, even though it is 7 week transfer, so longer
than normal, it is flying by! I'm so excited for general conference
which I have come to love, there so much opportunity for me to feel
the spirit, which really makes me the happiest I've ever been. I hope
you all watch some general conference with a question in mind. It will
be answered, either directly or the spirit will help you find it. I
love you all and love the savior, I know he lives and will help us
every day of our lives. Have a great week.

Elder Janson

Check out these Easter zone shirts. Beautiful

Me holding a baby goat. No big deal

 Me and the goat I helped tame, I named him squishy!

 Elder Green bearing a goat

Baby goats... Enough said

Me with the eggs I dyed at a members house Saturday night. Go gators

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