Monday, February 1, 2016

December 21, 2015 Interviews and such

Family and friends,

Well today Elder Waites wanted to go to the huge Asian market here and
look around. Everything was very... Asian and very expensive haha. So
we did that. We had a sweet week of visiting a bunch of members and
showing them the Christmas video. We went to go see Bro Alvarado and
he is wanting to get back into being active and bringing his family
back. He is so cool and the spirit was there for sure. I love visiting
members when they aren't annoying! Haha

We had interviews with president this week and I told him I want to
sing in zone and mission stuff! Haha I'm turning over a new leaf and
I'll sing sometimes. President Wright is such a funny guy, everything
we say he just laughs with a pure old guy laugh! Haha I say that with
the most respect. It was good to see him and his wife, they are super

So sister Randall, a missionary in our Zone has a twin sister. Haha
Sister Randall in our zone, her name is Taylor Randall. And her
sisters name is TARA DAWN Randall. I thought you would find that
interesting mom... Haha I freaked out when she told me that. Our zone
is full of awesome missionaries. Well I would say full but there are
only 12 of us which is very small. But we rock it!

Well I will see my family Christmas Day! But for all of you other
folks, talk to ya soon! Have an amazing time celebrating the savior
Jesus Christ's birth. He is the bomb talked about in the BOM! (Book of
Mormon) in other words, he is the reason we celebrate. Check out before it is too late!

Love you all!

Elder Janson

Reunion of missionaries at our Christmas party!

Went Christmas chalking!

Check out the expiration date! Same as my ministerial certificate hahaha

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