Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January 25, 2016

Hello friends,

This week consisted of some service on Saturday with the zone leaders
in 1st Ward. We helped a family clean up their house to get ready to
move. It was great and a difference in schedule for us. Lately it's
been a lot of monotony! Service is what breaks it. On exchanges this
week I was with Elder Lohman one of the zone leaders who also happens
to be in my MTC room, so we are buds basically. During that day we all
started asking each other nonstop, "wait, what's goin on?" For some
reason we thought it was absolutely hilarious, so we still say it
whenever we don't know what to say. We are pretty weird when we get
bored, but the zone is getting a lot closer. That's one of the best
things about being a missionary, is helping each other out.

We had a sweet lesson with Ron and Wendy, and I just felt prompted to
tell them that if they kept reading from the Book of Mormon but also
prayed, they would never lose what they have gained in these studies.
Ron was worried that he might back out and not get baptized. They are
some of the most cautious people I've ever seen, but when they do
choose to get baptized they will be rock solid. But he hasn't prayed
about the Book of Mormon, so that was a focus of the lesson.

We are teaching this girl who is 15 and her brother is 17. Sara and
Zach Ormand, and they are so cool! It is an interesting situation,
because their dad is a member but has separated himself from the
church. Zach told us he asked if he could go to church, but his dad
said no, and told him the Book of Mormon doesn't have any authority
behind it. What a misled man holy cow! But we do get to go see them
and Sara is way interested as well. We will keep being their friends
and try to get some priests and laurels in the Ward to step up.

Anyways, thank you all for your prayers and your steadfastness. I miss
and love you all.

Elder Janson

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