Monday, February 1, 2016

December 7, 2015


This zone is crazy! Today we all got nerd swords and a nerd gun and
played this zombie game in the cultural hall hahaha we had quite a
time. We have so many crazy characters in this zone!

This week we had a sweet lesson with Charles and he brought up some of
the same concerns about the world we are in. It just seems to keep
getting worse! And so many I talk to get very discouraged, but
something I've noticed is that I'm not discouraged at all, I know is
isn't it, this isn't just a little life and then it's over, there's a
point to it! Charles seems to be overwhelmed by this world and we are
trying to help him get a better relationship with God and he said,
quote, "I'll read the whole thing!" About the Book of Mormon haha. He
is pretty golden.

This week we went on exchanges with 3rd Ward so I was with Elder
Jones, in my area. We have the challenge from Bishop to see every
member, that is household, and give them a #ASaviorIsBorn card. Every
household! That is about 215 doors here in Vacaville. So me and Jones
started doing that, and we got three little lessons showing the new
video, and the members gave us a referral for someone to go see. We
were texting the zone a bunch trying to bug when with all of our
miracles hahaha we had like three positive door experiences in a row,
which NEVER happens! Hahaha miracles happen man!

Other than that, it's just the norm, we are gearing up for Christmas!
I love all of you guys, and during testimony meeting yesterday our
member we go see every week, Tommy, got up, and I feel the spirit so
much when he goes up there, he has been through a lot more than me,
and I know the savior has changed his life. I know the atonement is
real, and what other witness do I need? The gospel is true! You know
the truth of a work by its fruit, and I see people change every day.
That is truth. That is light. That is Christ! #SpreadTheLight!

I love you guys!

Elder Janson

If you look close it says Janssen tree, close enough!

Festival of trees put on by the stake here, they donate trees and
people buy them for others, this is my favorite, in honor of Star

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