Monday, February 1, 2016

December 28, 2015 After Christmas


Well seeing as I just talked to the family this week will be a bit
shorter.. Sorry everyone! Haha we didn't do much on Christmas, well,
because who wants missionaries knocking on their doors on Christmas?
Who wants us knocking on their door anyways!? Haha it exponentially
decreases on the holidays. So we chilled a lot and planned and stuff.
I got pretty bored not gonna lie!

We ate with our members on Christmas and they have like 6 little kids.
What kinda crazy person has 6 kids!? Oh... I guess some people do. It
was fun haha. They tried to use their new little toy that puts whipped
cream in our face but it didn't work.. Haha I was prepared with my tie
and jacket off, but we didn't get creamed so we good! The Ward was a
little more empty except a bunch of visitors, so we are gonna try to
get back in the groove of seeing our investigators again. We had an
amazing dinner with Ron and Wendy, they grilled some steaks out in 40
degree weather, that's how much they like us! Haha jk but it was

Well I will talk to all soon, and have a great New Years! We will
celebrate as much as we can possibly do as missionaries :)

Love you guys!

Elder Janson

Me wearing my stockings!

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